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Confidently resolve 90% of customer queries with the World’s first GPT-powered Bot for commerce. Scale your brand without growing your support team.

Automate 90% of All Customer Queries

Struggling with hundreds of tickets daily and a large support team? Take seconds, not days, to answer customer queries and deliver exceptional support at scale.

Turn Support into a Revenue Centre

Tired of support being just a cost center? Use Level-3 AI to engage with high-intent shoppers and drive real revenue.

We work with
300+ market-leading brands

LimeChat's AI-powered GPT bots have significantly boosted efficiency. The bots handle most queries, allowing our agents to focus on crucial issues, leading to higher CSAT and NPS scores.

Gaurav Jain

VP, Customer Delight, Wow Skin Science

Wow Skin Science

LimeChat has been a fantastic partner to Kapiva, helping us grow everything from CRM and content to CS (Customer Support).

Ameve Sharma

Founder, Kapiva


The onboarding process, enabling the bot and setting up customer support on Limechat was smooth. They always come up with new/problem-solving features to bridge the gap between the customer and the business. We have been able to solve queries instantly with our automated bot responses, our CSAT score has also improved.

Simran Mishra

Digital Marketing Executive, Nobero


Get Game-changing Insights from your Support Function

Having trouble turning countless customer interactions into valuable insights? Use our AI-powered CSAT system to get actionable improvements on product, customer experience, and brand image.

Ready to scale without growing your support team?

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