Double your channel growth with WhatsApp ASM

Bridge the gap between brand and retail channel partners via 1:1 WhatsApp connections. Our WhatsApp ASM transforms your sales strategy through real-time support and personalized interactions, driving exceptional growth and profitability.

LimeChat WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

Why LimeChat?

Boost channel partner satisfaction and minimize attrition

Are you noticing attrition among your channel partners due to dissatisfaction caused by delayed incentives, short product shelf life, and insufficient direct support?

Introducing LimeChat's WhatsApp ASM, providing instant support at scale. Just start by typing "Hi". The AI-powered ASM efficiently handles common queries and routes others to human agents for personalized resolutions via call or WhatsApp.

LimeChat WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

Faster and accurate execution of trade marketing schemes

Are your channel partners disconnected from your brand and strategic goals? Do you experience delays and gaps during trade marketing scheme rollouts?

Leverage WhatsApp's potential as a proactive communication channel to:

  • Instantly broadcast e-catalogs, new launches, and schemes
  • Share updates on incentives, targets/achievement, vouchers, or rewards
  • Deliver comprehensive training on brand and product knowledge

Keep everyone informed, motivated, and aligned with your strategic goals.

Instant ordering anytime, anywhere

Are your customers experiencing stock shortages between beat schedules, resulting in missed sales opportunities?

Enable customers to connect with the company via WhatsApp to place fresh orders or track dispatches. Additionally, brands can proactively share incremental order nudges and e-catalogs to stimulate more sales.

LimeChat Interactive Journey

Gain deep insights into on-ground realities

Capture the voices of your channel partners and field sales teams through automated WhatsApp feedback and surveys.

Our GPT-powered audit system analyzes all feedback and conversations to identify recurring queries, top customer intents, and common complaints. Address core issues and enhance partner satisfaction with data-driven insights.

Tailored specifically for Retail brands

Robust AI

Level-3 AI and GPT built for commerce

Tailored for retail

Customizable industry-specific workflows

Customer Success

Exceptional Customer Success and great outcomes

Pre-built Integrations

With logistics, channels, payment gateways, DMS tools


Ready to supercharge your channel partner engagement?

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