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How Nobero Revolutionized Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with AI?

How Nobero Revolutionized Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with AI?

Our Impact

Increased CSAT Collection
Improved CSAT Quality
More Effective Insights

Key Challenges

Nobero is a fast fashion direct-to-consumer apparel brand. It faced challenges as it scaled, particularly in efficiently managing customer interactions and feedback. The need for robust, scalable customer service solutions became critical to maintaining high service standards.

Before LimeChat

Prior to implementing LimeChat, Nobero faced several challenges in its customer feedback processes:

  1. Low Customer Engagement: Traditional feedback channels failed to engage customers effectively, leading to poor response rates.
  2. Complex Feedback Processes: Customers were discouraged by feedback mechanisms that required leaving their current platform, resulting in abandoned feedback.
  3. Inefficient and Inaccurate Feedback Collection: Manual and indirect feedback methods often resulted in delayed, missed, or inaccurate capture of customer sentiments, limiting the depth of insights gained and missing the immediacy of their true feelings post-resolution.

These issues primarily resulted in low quantity and quality of feedback, making it difficult for Nobero to obtain accurate and actionable customer insights.

After LimeChat

Implementing LimeChat transformed Nobero’s approach to customer service and feedback. LimeChat’s solutions streamlined and enhanced interactions by:

  • Capturing real-time, post-resolution feedback directly within WhatsApp.
  • Simplifying the feedback process to increase customer engagement and accuracy in satisfaction measurement.
  • Ensuring immediate acknowledgment of customer feedback, thereby boosting engagement and willingness to participate.

Our Impact

  • Increased CSAT Collection: 4x compared to the previous CSAT flow
  • Enhanced CSAT Quality: Detailed customer feedback post-rating increased 2x
  • Delivered Crucial Customer Insights: Enhanced feedback collection and detailed analysis have helped Nobero identify and improve areas with low customer satisfaction scores.

LimeChat’s Solution

LimeChat addressed Nobero's challenges with four key innovations:

  • Collect CSAT on WhatsApp: Implemented a real-time feedback system within WhatsApp to capture immediate customer sentiments post-resolution, ensuring more accurate and actionable customer satisfaction data.
  • Intelligent CSAT Collection: Trigger the CSAT collection flow at the right time depending on the customer query (Purchase, Track order, Complaint, etc)
  • CSAT Analytics: Detailed analytics to make sense of all the CSAT data flowing in from customers. Figure out the main concern areas that were reducing CSAT.
  • AI-Based Bot: Improved flows and responses for use cases where CSAT was lower.


The integration of LimeChat’s AI-driven tools led to:

  • Improved customer understanding and insights - improved collection rate and detailed feedback + analysis helped in pinpointing low CSAT areas
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: 4/5
    • Fixing delivery and packaging issues
    • Better bot flows and responses
    • Assigning specific agents for better handling of potential low-CSAT tickets (through automation rules)
  • Scalability: Maintain a high CSAT score as the brand scales

This case study highlights Nobero's successful integration of LimeChat’s AI solutions to overcome significant challenges in customer service management and feedback collection, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and customer-centricity in the industry.

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“LimeChat's AI solutions have significantly enhanced our customer engagement and agent productivity. Instant feedback via WhatsApp has improved our understanding of customer needs, allowing us to adapt our services in real time. This has been crucial for scaling effectively while maintaining high satisfaction."

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