Unlock new customer acquisition with Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Reach new customers and unlock your RoAS with Ad to WhatsApp journeys built for e-commerce.

Convert maximum customers through a WhatsApp journey

Direct Meta ad traffic straight to WhatsApp to collect customer phone numbers. Enable eager buyers to purchase or register with minimal clicks, maximizing your conversions.

Reduce CAC by retargeting on WhatsApp

Use phone numbers captured through CTWA to nurture customers on WhatsApp. Retargeting on WhatsApp is free for 72 hours, giving you massive savings in CAC.

We work with
300+ market-leading brands

The bot helped us boost our revenue by using conversational marketing, abandoned cart conversions, and an easy to use broadcast feature.

Vikas Kabra

Entrepreneur in Residence, Neemans


In the past two years, we've nearly tripled ourselves and are on the verge of profitability. LimeChat has been instrumental in this journey, accelerating our growth and optimizing marketing ROI. Thanks to Aniket and the LimeChat team for their invaluable support!

Khalid Kamal Rumi

CMO, The Indus Valley

The Indus Valley

LimeChat's AI-powered GPT bots have significantly boosted efficiency. The bots handle most queries, allowing our agents to focus on crucial issues, leading to higher CSAT and NPS scores.

Gaurav Jain

VP, Customer Delight, Wow Skin Science

Wow Skin Science

LimeChat has been a fantastic partner to Kapiva, helping us grow everything from CRM and content to CS (Customer Support).

Ameve Sharma

Founder, Kapiva


Elevate revenue from highest-intent leads

Our AI-based lead scoring figures out the highest intent leads from all your WhatsApp conversations. Focus your resources like marketing budgets and human agents on these leads to get the best RoAS from your funnel.

Ready to boost your Meta RoAS with CTWA?

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