Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Level 3 Conversational AI

Introducing the next frontier of e-commerce interactions, powered by LimeChat's advanced technology.

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Elevating E-Commerce with Level 3 AI

LimeChat's success comes from our special Level 3 Conversational AI, created by experts from MIT, CMU, and IIT Delhi. This technology improves online shopping by understanding and responding to customers' messages more like a human would, making their experience smoother and more personalized.

What is Level 3 AI?

Level 3 AI, or Contextual AI, acts like a smart friend who remembers your past chats, making conversations more human and tailored. This boosts task-handling efficiency, offering a more personalized customer experience with double the automation of older, click-based systems.

The Future of GPT and Level 3 AI

By combining Large Language Models (LLMs) with our advanced Level 3 AI, we're taking customer service to the next level. This mix means we can offer a unique and even more personalized shopping experience, setting us apart in the market. Plus, it helps us keep costs down while still delivering top-notch service.

Key capabilities and how it enhance customer experience

Our technology's capacity for understanding and retaining conversation context results in nearly double the automation rates of previous technologies and superior CSAT scores, outperforming even live human agents.

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