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Wow Skin Science delivers 2x Better Experience with LimeChat’s GPT-Powered AI Bot

Wow Skin Science delivers 2x Better Experience with LimeChat’s GPT-Powered AI Bot

Our Impact

Overall Automation Increase
Better Conversion
Lower Confusion

Key challenges

With an extensive customer base of over 1 million, WOW Skin Science grappled with effectively managing customer queries. In 2021, they rolled out LimeChat's chatbot, which successfully automated roughly 50% of the inquiries, thereby streamlining the team.

However, a significant portion of free text queries remained unaddressed during off-hours, necessitating human intervention. LimeChat's automated responses filled this gap by enhancing real-time query resolution.


  • Improve customer experience on WhatsApp by providing instant responses to free-text queries around the clock.
  • Increase automation by responding to easy but open-ended free text queries.
  • Streamline interactions with influencers and collaborators on IG.

To address these challenges, WOW Skin Science implemented an AI chatbot solution powered by LimeChat to deliver a human-level user experience 24x7 across all platforms.

The Solution

50% of inquiries, such as order tracking and returns, were efficiently tackled through a click-based bot. The rest, which encompassed product recommendations, policy-related questions, and usage info, came as free-text queries on WhatsApp. This stemmed from WhatsApp’s limited display capabilities and users' impatience.

GPT's introduction in 2023 presented a golden opportunity for furnishing human-like responses to these free-text inquiries.

The launch of GPT in early 2023 provided an excellent opportunity to give human-level responses to these free text queries.

WOW Skin Science collaborated with LimeChat to pioneer a human-level chat experience in e-commerce. After 3 months of rigorous testing, the teams perfected the use of GPT for e-commerce, producing concise, jargon-free, and precise answers. An integrated system was developed to extract data from the brand's website and address multilingual queries.

Wow Skin Science teamed up with LimeChat with the aim of giving the first human-level chat experience in e-commerce.

In late August, the first GPT-powered bot was deployed during non-business hours with WOW Skin Science, leading to remarkable enhancements in customer experience, automation, and response times across platforms.

The Results

The GPT-infused bot brought about swift enhancements, especially in message translations, query management, and automation rates.

Within a month, the bot tackled approximately 25k messages during off-hours. Here is the impact which we saw for the GPT bot vs their previous bot.

LimeChat's Impact


  • The previous bot was unable to understand around 16% of user queries, which significantly dropped to 2% post implementation
  • The GPT-based bot autonomously handled 5-7% overall queries which were never asked before by any user but had an answer on the brand’s website
  • The GPT-based bot accurately handled 5% of the overall messages which were non-English queries.
  • The GPT-based bot accurately handled 5% of the overall messages which had significant spelling and grammatical errors

Automation Rate:

  • The % of queries fully automated jumped from 72% to 84% post implementation
  • The increased automation rate provided the opportunity to allocate  additional customer service agents to concentrate on more complex queries.
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LimeChat's AI-powered GPT bots have significantly boosted efficiency. The bots handle most queries, allowing our agents to focus on crucial issues, leading to higher CSAT and NPS scores.

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