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How Kapiva delivered Exceptional Experience on WhatsApp using LimeChat's E-commerce GPT Bot

How Kapiva delivered Exceptional Experience on WhatsApp using LimeChat's E-commerce GPT Bot

Our Impact

Queries Automated
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Company Overview

Kapiva is a wellness brand that focuses on providing health products and solutions tailored to individual needs. As the brand grew, it faced the challenge of effectively engaging customers who had nuanced queries about product benefits, ingredients, and usage, especially for conditions like diabetes.


Kapiva gets 50k+ customer support tickets a month - around order tracking, returns, product recommendations, usage and complaints. They used a click-based chatbot to automatically handle around 50% of these simple queries. Ankur, Sr VP at Kapiva realized that there were multiple high-value queries which could not be solve by a click-based system. There were around the effects of products on specific health conditions, ingredients, and general wellness advice. On the post-purchase front, there were questions related to product returns and other service aspects that often took a long time to be answered. Ankur realised that about 20% of these queries were similar in nature, presenting a significant opportunity to deliver a great customer experience and drive revenue.

Solution with E-commerce GPT Bot

To address these challenges, Kapiva implemented the E-commerce GPT Bot for its customer service bot. This solution was designed to:

  • Provide accurate and fast responses to open-ended concern-related queries.
  • Ensure correct answers to specific inquiries about health conditions like diabetes and weight reduction, linking directly to relevant products on the website.
  • Answer all key pre-purchase FAQs that impact the buying decision. Any question asked is answered by the bot using all the information available on the website, summarized in three key points.

Implementation Process

  • Initial Pilot: The first phase involved extracting data to fine-tune the GPT model, ensuring the bot could understand and respond correctly to the nuances of customer queries.
  • Integration: The bot was fully integrated with Kapiva’s website, enabling it to offer personalized product recommendations based on the questions asked.
  • Continuous Learning: The bot was set to continually learn from interactions to improve its accuracy and relevance of responses.


The deployment of the E-commerce GPT Bot significantly enhanced customer interaction:

  • Increased Automation: The bot now handles 86% of queries autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention and allowing the support team to focus on complex issues.
  • Improved CSAT: Customer satisfaction scores increased to 4.1, reflecting the bot’s ability to meet customer needs effectively.
  • Higher Revenue: With more accurate and timely responses, revenue from the bot reached 6 lakhs M-O-M.


Ankur was keen on using advanced AI to answer open-ended questions accurately and convert it into tangible CX improvements and revenue. It proved to be a game-changer in how Kapiva interacted with potential customers. The AI-driven approach not only improved efficiency but also enhanced the overall customer experience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Kapiva’s integration of the E-commerce GPT Bot  has set a new standard in automated customer service within the wellness industry. By leveraging AI to address specific customer concerns accurately, Kapiva has strengthened its market position and demonstrated the potential of AI in enhancing business outcomes.

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The E-commerce GPT Bot has revolutionized our customer service, handling complex queries 24/7 and significantly boosting CSAT and conversions. It's like having a constant, expert team member dedicated to our customers' wellness.

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