D2C Market Leaders use Limechat

How we Add Value to Leading Brands

Improved Sales Conversions

Upto 20% Increase in Sales Revenues

  • Personalized Product Discovery to Minimize User Decisions
  • Answer Pre-Purchase Queries to Improve Engagement
  • Capture Impulse Buyers through Instant Replies
  • Show Reviews and Social Proof to Increase Credibility
  • Up-Selling and Cross-Selling to Increase Order Value
  • Complete Checkout and Payment on Chat to Minimize Drop-Offs
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Customer Support Automation

Better Customer Support Experience with Upto 70% Automation

  • Cut Resolution Times to 1/10 through Instant Replies
  • Seamless Order Tracking through Chat
  • Automatically Record and Escalate Order Complaints
  • Handle Order Cancellations and Modifications
  • Handle or Escalate Refund Requests
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In-Depth Analytics

Understand What, How and Who is Buying Through Chat

  • Understand User Journeys Across Workflows
  • Measure Goal Completion Rates for Each Flow
  • Track KPIs such as Sales Conversions, Revenue, and CSAT
  • Understand User Browsing, Purchase and Payment Behaviour
  • Know Your Users Better through Personalized Quizzes
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Aggregate All Messaging Channels Into a Single Agent Dashboard

Your Customer Support Team can respond to WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Web Chat Messages from a single platform.


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