Get Explosive Growth with WhatsApp Commerce

Use the power of chat to connect with your audience. Acquire, retain, and engage where they feel most comfortable.
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limechat landing page hero section creativelimechat landing page hero section creative
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250+ Happy Customers Trust LimeChat

Impact of LimeChat’s
Conversational Commerce Suite

Revenue Generated
Higher Retention
Reduced Support Cost
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WhatsApp Marketing is more than Abandoned Cart

Shift your top-performing email and SMS campaigns to WhatsApp where buyers have a 95% chance of responding to you instantly.

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Did you know you can have the entire buying funnel on WhatsApp?

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Increase retention with Re-order + Cross-sell campaigns and reduce RTO with COD & NDR campaigns.

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Multiple UPI payments options to checkout via WhatsApp

Enable Faster Checkouts via WhatsApp

Buyers don’t want to leave WhatsApp to place an order. Run your entire buying funnel on chat to reduce drop off’s and increase sales by 2X.

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Allow customers to view your entire product catalog, including variants, and facilitate payment completion all within WhatsApp.

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Our integration with Payment gateways, store payment pages, and UPI ensures comprehensive payment coverage for quick and efficient collection

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Generate leads from store visitors

10% of your website visitors are stuck because they are confused. Capture their phone numbers & nurture them into loyal customers.

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Answer FAQs about your products and brand. Share discounts and offers to high intent shoppers.

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Immediately respond to customer inquiries, provide personalized product suggestions, and build customer confidence in making purchases.

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Conversation between customer and a bot that replies with an automated order update upon request.

Automate Responses to Repetitive Questions

Our support bot is more human than your best customer support agent! Now build a loyal fan base on WhatsApp with lightning-fast support resolution.

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Provide highly accurate responses to “Where is my order?” through our deep integration with Shopify and logistics partners.

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Streamline the process of returns, cancellations, complaint resolution, order modifications, and refunds for your customers.

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AI-driven insights from every conversation

Do more than just measuring read and response rate. Gather real-time data that helps you learn what your customers truly want.

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Determine which customers are interested in making monthly purchases, identify those who prioritize cost, and understand what drives their love for your brand.

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Stay informed on customer requests, including reasons for returns or cancellations, to provide exceptional support.

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Brands Love LimeChat

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We onboarded LimeChat to help us with quicker resolutions for our customers. Though we automated > 70% of the chats, we were able to achieve a lot more.
Vikas Kabra
LimeChat has tight processes with a bunch of people willing to deliver results

Their team works with strong intent and provides immediate support round the clock.

We are excited by the results from LimeChat's AI-powered bot to automated our chat experience.
Madhur Jain
The Face Shop
We are delighted to use the LimeChat platform. It's an amazing experience with the chatbot that automates support queries and helps in conversions. With the robust outbound campaign platform, the promotional and transactional WhatsApp campaigns have been working seamless for us.
The Face Shop
After trying a few partners, I have finally settled on LimeChat for our brands. It has good customizability options as well as out-of-the-box capabilities that’ll get you started in no time with better results as you work with the team to improve it. Folks at LimeChat are super-supportive & open to ideas to cater to our personalized requirements.
bella vita organic
LimeChat has played an integral part in the customer success journey at Bella Vita. What started out just as a Chat Support Tool for us has today transformed as a one-stop solution for building automation and driving efficiency. The one thing I value the most is the prompt support provided by the Team at LimeChat.
Raghav Kumar
wow skin science
LimeChat has the vision, technical prowess, and the dedication to make brands succeed.

They've helped us make WhatsApp a major channel of growth
Gaurav Jain
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