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The Indus Valley sees a 200% MoM increase in revenue with LimeChat automation

The Indus Valley sees a 200% MoM increase in revenue with LimeChat automation

Our Impact

Abandoned Checkout Conversion Rate
Bot Sales Conversion Rate
MoM growth in LimeChat-attributed revenue


The Indus Valley, India’s 1st healthy kitchenware brand, partnered with Limechat to leverage its expertise in the Conversational Commerce space. The goal is to improve sales, customer experience, and conversion rates.

The partnership aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Unlock the potential of chat to increase sales
  2. Deliver a great chat experience
  3. Recover abandoned carts and improve conversions

The Solution

Get more customers to start a conversation through the chat widget

To encourage customers to start a conversation, the first step is to remove any barriers between them and the chat. The Indus Valley accomplished this by placing the chat widget on the website's home, category, and product pages. A single click takes users to chat.

There has been a 30% monthly growth in users who come to the bot to explore and purchase products.

The Indus Valley Get more customers to start a conversation through the chat widget on the website.

A guided buying experience on chat

The Indus Valley offers a seamless and personalized shopping experience through a chatbot. By understanding customer needs and asking follow-up questions, the chatbot provides a guided buying experience and recommends the most suitable products. This approach sets The Indus Valley apart from competitors and improves customer engagement by demonstrating a commitment to understanding and satisfying customers' unique needs.

The WhatsApp chatbot also assists customers in completing their purchases by providing payment links, making the process as seamless as possible. This reduces the number of abandoned checkouts, leading to increased sales and revenue for The Indus Valley.

LimeChat guided buying experience on chat

The best-converting conversational abandoned checkout campaigns

Initially, The Indus Valley was sending traditional one-way messaging campaigns that were not getting good results in terms of replies and conversions.

That's where LimeChat’s conversational campaigns come in! By adding fun and interactive elements to their messaging strategy, The Indus Valley team made the checkout experience more enjoyable and rewarding for their customers. The gamification made customers feel like they earned the discount, rather than it being something anyone could get.

The best part? 3X increase in cart conversions.

The Indus Valley use LimeChat’s conversational campaigns to sending traditional one-way messaging campaigns

The Results

The Indus Valley's partnership with LimeChat resulted in impressive outcomes.

  • The easy accessibility of the chat feature and the guided shopping experience helped The Indus Valley achieve a 10% conversion rate through its bot.
  • Additionally, LimeChat's conversational campaigns were successful in improving conversion rates. The Indus Valley team achieved 9% cart conversions via abandoned checkout campaigns.

By using LimeChat's conversational commerce solution, The Indus Valley has improved engagement and conversions. To further enhance customer experience and retention, The Indus Valley is considering the following:

  1. Enabling feedback campaigns
  2. Enabling conversational broadcasts
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LimeChat unlocked a new revenue channel for us with a much lower customer acquisition cost and higher conversion rate. LimeChat's customer success team is very proactive and their constant guidance has helped our team scale this channel month-on-month. I would certainly recommend LimeChat to all D2C marketers.

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