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Bella Vita Luxury Boosts Conversion Rates and RoAS with Ads that Click-to-WhatsApp

Bella Vita Luxury Boosts Conversion Rates and RoAS with Ads that Click-to-WhatsApp

Our Impact

Conversion rate
Higher RoAS
Better conversions from hot leads

Key challenges

Bella Vita Luxury faced rising customer acquisition costs (CAC) as they scaled. They were struggling to capture and convert leads generated from ads to reduce CAC.


Bella Vita Luxury formed a partnership with LimeChat to leverage Click-to-WhatsApp ads (CTWA) and explore new opportunities to capture and convert high-quality leads from ads on WhatsApp.
With a team of skilled agents who were already converting customers to their WhatsApp, the Bella Vita team's primary goal was to replicate the same nurturing and conversion process for ad-generated leads.

Bella Vita Luxury had three key objectives to achieve:

  • To improve return on ad spend (RoAS) for their top-performing campaigns
  • To reduce the customer acquisition cost (CAC) by retargeting on WhatsApp
  • To utilize the existing expertise of their agent team to convert hot leads from ads

The Solution

Bella Vita Luxury collaborated with LimeChat to develop a highly effective Click-to-WhatsApp ad (CTWA) strategy to optimize ad conversions and reduce CAC.

Get more potential leads on WhatsApp and start a conversation
The Bella Vita team ran Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns and captured potential leads. The leads were auto-tagged so they could be reached later.

Get more potential leads on WhatsApp and start a conversation

Offer a 3-click simple buying journey

Bella Vita built a bot flow for all the leads landing on WhatsApp from the ad. Potential customers could explore the product and get their most common FAQs answered within seconds. A simple checkout flow made it seamless for users to complete their purchase journey on chat.

The bot flow ensured that users were engaged within seconds of them starting the conversation.

Offer a 3-click simple buying journey

Assign agents and resolve customer queries instantly to improve CX
The Bella Vita team assigned dedicated agents to handle the Click-to-WhatsApp queries, reducing the agent's first response time to ensure that potential leads were engaged quickly and effectively.

Nurture hot leads by calling them

Bella Vita leveraged the expertise of the calling team to call and convert leads into paying customers by giving them an extra push.

To further streamline the conversion process and reduce agent workload, agents were given only hot leads to follow up with, allowing them to focus their efforts on the most promising leads.

Retarget on WhatsApp through a Broadcast

For the remaining cold leads, Bella Vita ran a promotional broadcast and followed up with agent calls, based on the action they took.

Retarget on WhatsApp through a Broadcast

The Results

Within just one week of implementing the CTWA strategy developed in partnership with LimeChat, Bella Vita Luxury was able to achieve impressive results.

The brand achieved a 10% higher RoAS than its website campaigns.

The overall conversion rate for the campaign was close to 6%.

Moreover, the conversion rate for hot leads was 4X better than that of cold leads.

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