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The LimeChat Guide to creating an effective Whatsapp Drip Campaign

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 27, 2022

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Most companies who use Whatsapp Business fail to use it well.

Yes, even you!

Tons of hours getting the Business API, crafting campaigns, and writing mediocre copy that eventually end up into the void..along with your money.

But what are you doing wrong?

More importantly, what is it that you SHOULD be doing instead?

Why Should You Trust us with Your Whatsapp Marketing Strategy?

After spending several months working deeply with our D2C clients, we have found the secret sauce to making Whatsapp Marketing INDESPENSIBLE to your growth strategy. (And along with that, you 😉)

These are strategies we have seen increase CAC by over 10% across our clients who are some of the top D2C brands –if you learn to play with them and learn from them.

Now, if you’re offering discounts to every customer, it may not be a viable strategy in the long run.

No, let’s be clear- it is NOT a viable strategy.

We recommend offering them to customers who have dropped off and especially NOT in the first message to them.

But how do you set it up?

In this post, you will learn our time-tested tips for crafting a beautiful Whatsapp Drip Campaign that converts.

Let’s get started!

Use the 0,10,15 strategy in your Whatsapp Drip Campaign

The first message you should send should clear doubts or remind them that their cart is empty. This will drive a few conversions.

The next message should include a time-bound 10% discount. This discount will again convince some of the users to purchase.

Finally, after some hours have passed, send them a 15-25% discount with an even shorter window of expiry.

This way you don’t lose money by offering a flat discount to everyone.

Pro Tip- Adding a testimonial for social proof will cement the discount’s attraction.

Make them feel like they’re losing out on an excellent deal – if they don’t act fast.

Remember to make sure the discount is automatically applied at checkout if you’ve offered them one.

This strategy is what makes our signature Whatsapp Drip campaign loved by our clients.

A well-planned Whatsapp Campaign can increase conversion rates from 3-4% to 7-8%

A drip campaign leverages the power of Whatsapp’s 2 Way Communication where you can improve your campaigns with real, immediate feedback.

Our multi-step campaign can be automated based on timing, replies, and more.

The top D2C brands (especially your competitors) are already experimenting with the number of messages to send, after what time, and with what copy.

Don’t get left behind.

A simple Step-by-Step Strategy to Start a Drip Campaign

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy but you can start experimenting with the below steps-

  1. Within an hour or two or of your customer dropping from your website, shoot them a message informing them of their cart that’s waiting for them and clarify any pre-assumed doubts they might have.
  2. Their responses should be recorded- if there is something coming up repeatedly, you know you need to add it to your PDP or the first message itself.
  3. Then after 4-8 hours or so, drop them another message. This time, include a discount AND a testimonial.
  4. Finally, after 12-24 hours, send them the last message about that product by increasing the discount. Shorten the expiry time even further.

Taking this seriously and playing with time, copy and CTA, you can continuously improve your conversion rate.

We can also help you not only get started but flourish in these campaigns- just book a demo with us to know more!

Use our High Converting Whatsapp Templates

Whatsapp Marketing can be the biggest initiative you take to reduce your CAC and increase conversions.

Most of your competitors (at least the ones worth winning against) will not wait to deploy this.

You can’t afford to avoid leveraging this channel to scale and grow rapidly, nor waste time learning it from scratch.

This is where we come in.

From months of dedicated research, we have found the best converting templates that work across eCommerce brands.

From setting it up along with access to 10+ campaigns designed for Whatsapp, you can experiment with what works best for your brand.

You can book a demo here and our team will get back to you promptly.

From answering all doubts to showing you how exactly (and how quickly) we can help you reduce your CAC and increase your ROI– there is a wealth of value we can build together!

Want more tips for your Whatsapp Marketing Strategy? Check out our free resources here!

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