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How many of these powerful tips that create high conversion Whatsapp Message Templates will you try today?

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Team LimeChat
Published on
December 27, 2022

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Do you need a statistic to convince you why this blog post is important?

Here you go!

According to a report by (Business Insider Intelligence), almost 74% of carts are abandoned…

Thousands of shoppers go online because they’ve seen an ad, are bored or are comparing products to decide which one to buy.

If they’re in bed, got pulled into your site from your ad lets say, it’s likely they don’t have their card with them and they close the window thinking they’ll get to it tomorrow.

Or maybe they’re not convinced enough, yet.

The reasons as to why your potential customer drops off are many.

BUT, did you know that about a whopping 63% of that is potentially recoverable?!

If leaving money on the table isn’t what you have in mind for your e-Com brand, this post will show you how you can drive X3 more revenue through Abandoned Cart Campaigns on Whatsapp, versus email through the best Whatsapp Message Templates.

We’re not throwing these numbers just for this post.

These are the results we have seen working with some of the best D2C brands who have trusted us to lead them on creating some of the best converting Whatsapp Messages for the e-com industry.

Did you get your e-com brand a Whatsapp Business API and start to randomly shoot out messages to your customers, hoping for a resounding, explosive response?

It’s likely that the success rate in sales and engagement left you disappointed.

After working with several top D2C brands, we have understood the key factors that make marketing with Whatsapp a true success.

This isn’t a one-shot trick.

In this blog post, we’ll share the secrets to what makes a Whatsapp message almost irresistible to respond to, on Whatsapp.

That perfect CTA or an irresistible hook- words that make them press BUY in seconds.

Share these with your marketing copywriters will you, they’ll thank you for it. 😉

How to Craft the Best converting Whatsapp Message Templates for Re-marketing Campaigns

whatsapp message templates

It’s not email, it’s chat so keep it short, will you?

We know brevity can be hard when you want to include everything you think will convince them to buy but your customers should be able to understand what you’re offering, within seconds.

BEFORE they get another distracting notification and you lose them again.

We strongly recommend using no more than 3 lines spaced out – this ensures quick skimming. Dedicate two lines to the hook and value, add a break and then finish with a punchy CTA.

And we mean, punchy. Get your copywriter to work on creating and analysing which CTA’s work for your brand and put in the effort to experiment.

It’s Hey Ria, not Hey ‘there’ – Personalise your messages!

It’s basic brand etiquette to use the basic data you have on a customer (potential or not) like name.

If you’re sending out messages making your customer feel like they’re one among many and you don’t value them, you’ve already lost.

Not just their name, but include the exact product or product category they dropped off from. Build trust and credibility each time you communicate with your customers.

Discount it right & Cause some FOMO

If you’re offering discounts to every customer, it may not be a viable strategy in the long run.

No, let’s be clear- it is NOT a viable strategy.

Just offer them to those who’ve dropped off and in a sequential manner.

Also, add a testimonial or social proof in the introduction and add the discount in the CTA.

To cinch the deal- let them know they have only a short window they can have the discount.

Make them feel like they’re losing out on an excellent deal – if they don’t act fast.

Lastly, make sure the discount is automatically applied at checkout if you’ve offered them one.

Lead them to the checkout page, NOT your PDP.

If your customer has checked your product pages and added them to the cart, they should not be taken back to that page.

What’s the point? That page wasn’t enough to convince them to actually checkout- so best to avoid reminding them or confusing them again.

Instead, take them right to checkout and here we recommend that their details should already be filled in, with products and discounts already added to cart.

Reduce or remove as much resistance or hard work you can from the customer’s end so that they feel positive and single-minded about checking out.

If I can’t see it, why will I buy it?

Whatsapp Business now allows brands to send promotional images – and an image can do what text can’t without trying to explain value.

Most of your target audience will be aspirational so show them how the product will look like in their life.

Or the life they could have with your product.

WhatsApp messages with images are 25% more effective in converting so use them right.

Notice the images that attract your audience- repeat, observe and employ!

3 is the Magic Number

It isn’t enough sending out just one message to your customers – have you heard of a Whatsapp Drip Campaign?

Our signature multi-step campaign can be automated based on timing, replies, and more.

A sequence leverages the power of Whatsapp’s 2 Way Communication and there is so much potential to play here and improve your campaigns with real, immediate feedback.

So observe what replies are coming and what type of users get engaged. Find out things like if they are repeat customers and how often have the bought from your brand.

This way you can scale your conversion rate from 3-4% to 7-8% simply by working on your iterations.

Don’t Treat it Casually

Whatsapp Business requires you to maintain your quality rating – it doesn’t want anything too promotional or spammy to be broadcasted to people.

Employing a thoughtful, engaging Whatsapp Marketing Campaign can be tough to navigate and time-consuming to those who are not well versed.

There are so many variables to consider- what if you had an expert’s help?

Do you Want Tested High Converting Whatsapp Message Templates?

Whatsapp Marketing can be the biggest initiative you take to reduce your CAC and increase conversions.

Most of your competitors (at least the ones worth winning against) will not wait to deploy this.

You can’t afford to avoid leveraging this channel to scale and grow rapidly.

Nor waste time learning it from scratch.

This is where we come in.

LimeChat – Stand Apart with LimeChat’s
Don’t Treat it Casually Whatsapp Message Templates

We can have you running Whatsapp Campaigns in days- just two to customize templates for your brand.

Even if you need help setting up the Whatsapp Business API, our team will help set it up for you with minimal friction and confusion.

Our Whatsapp templates have also been reiterated and finessed after launching them for several D2C brands.

We know what works and what doesn’t- across industries like health, wellness, apparel and more.

Curious to know how we quickly we can have you up and running?

Or the impact we can help you achieve?

Get in touch with us to book a demo or download our Shopify app!

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