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How to Leverage 2 Way Communication for eCommerce on Whatsapp

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Team LimeChat
Published on
December 27, 2022

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This post is not for you if you want to be convinced about the power of eCommerce on Whatsapp.

Let’s face it – 95%+ open rate and engagement rate is unimaginable in any other marketing medium.

Maybe you already have signed up with one of the many Whatsapp Business API providers.

Day after day you’re using them to send thousands of messages like alerts, abandoned cart campaigns, and other notifications (and frankly your money) into the void.

We say void to emphasize the gold mine of an opportunity that you’re missing out on.

Randomly sending out various marketing campaigns isn’t a scalable strategy.

If that’s the plan, then why not switch back to sending an emailer or an SMS?

So if Whatsapp marketing is just a tick off your to-do list (or your team’s), then you’re in the wrong place. (We recommend you read this post instead if that’s the case – The Ultimate Guide to Whatsapp Marketing)

BUT, if you want to create a 360“ Whatsapp Marketing Strategy where the ball doesn’t drop after you send out a message to your customers…

you’ll love what we can do together!

We can help you X3 your conversions through Whatsapp by focusing on what we think sets LimeChat’s Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns apart from all the players in the market.

It’s the power of ‘2 Way Communication’ or the ‘feedback loop’.

Where, unlike your emailer and SMS, your customers who reply back with more queries enjoy an amazing buying experience as you answer any concern and guide them with just the right amount of information that they convert- again and again.

How to Create a Data-Driven Strategy for eCommerce on Whatsapp

Because besides automating this process, you can analyze thousands of replies to see where and how your marketing messages are falling short.

What content is your eager customer responding to?

How many times do you need to message to make a sale?

How much time should you wait before sending another message?

Which pictures or CTA made them click checkout faster than you can imagine?

With this strategy and our Whatsapp Marketing campaigns, you get to truly play like a pro marketer.

These nuances of Whatsapp Marketing are what we have been working on for the past 2 years to create Customer Experiences that will make your brand stand apart- make them love how much effort you’re putting in for your customers.

The best part- you don’t need to put in that much… We’ll take care of that for you!

Not only can we help you set up a Whatsapp Business API and get through all those confusing tricky loopholes like getting a number with the green tick, exclusive rates for our partner Gupshup (delivery tool)….

You get access to pre-approved templates and tailored content you can send without fear of losing your quality rating, to your customers.

These templates have come from months of valuable research on what works for eCommerce brands on Whatsapp.

Campaigns you can use to X3 Conversions for eCommerce on Whatsapp

Additionally, you can send out more than 10 Automated Whatsapp Campaigns like –

  • Abandoned Checkout – to reduce CAC ⭐
  • Reorder – CAC ⭐
  • Cross-sell – CAC ⭐
  • Generic Promotional Campaigns – Special Sale, Birthday etc. – CAC
  • COD Confirmation – to reduce RTO ⭐
  • COD to Prepaid – RTO
  • Non-Delivery Notification (NDR) – RTO
  • Order Confirmation – CSAT
  • Order Shipment – CSAT
  • Customer Feedback – CSAT ⭐

More than 75 of our clients are using our Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to leverage chat as a revenue channel.

These rapidly scaling D2C brands get pure data on what strategy worked for them (more importantly what nudged their customer to buy) so they can fine-tune key elements like

  1. Copy
  2. Product Images
  3. No of messages to send (Multi-Drip System)
  4. The right time between each message

& more.

Let’s take an example, you sent out an Abandoned Checkout message but 40% of replies were about Shipping charges.

Granted you can respond with the answer but next time you send this campaign again, you know you NEED to include this information at the outset.

With each message you send, our help desk’s analytics will help you continue improving your text and increase your conversions from abandoned cart and other Whatsapp Marketing campaigns by up to 8-9%.

Level 3 AI chatbots to double your eCommerce sales

Whatsapp Marketing can be the biggest initiative you take to reduce your CAC and increase conversions.

Most of your competitors (at least the ones worth winning against) will not wait to deploy this.

You can’t afford to avoid leveraging this channel to scale and grow rapidly, nor waste time learning it from scratch.

This is where we come in.

From months of dedicated research, we have found the best converting templates that work across eCommerce brands along with a Signature drip campaign for Whatsapp. We can also have it set up within a few days to a week so you can see results immediately.

Want to know more? Book a demo or download our Shopify app here!

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