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Meta's Latest Move Transforms WhatsApp Marketing in India

Written by
Nikhil Gupta
Published on
March 11, 2024

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If you've been using WhatsApp to reach out to your customers in India, there's something new you need to know about. Meta, the tech giant behind WhatsApp, has rolled out a feature called Frequency Capping, and it's changing the game for how businesses communicate with their audience.

Getting to Know Frequency Capping

So, what's this all about? Frequency Capping is essentially Meta's way of putting a limit on how many marketing messages a user can get through WhatsApp over a certain period. But here's the catch: these limits aren't set in stone. Meta adjusts them from time to time, so businesses have to stay sharp and think carefully about when and how they send out their messages.

Why This Change?

It all boils down to the user experience. Meta's betting that by putting a cap on marketing messages, users will have a more enjoyable time on WhatsApp, free from the clutter of too many ads. This isn't just good news for users, though. For businesses, it means that when your message does get through, it could have a bigger impact since your audience isn't feeling overwhelmed.

What Messages Does This Affect?

You might be wondering which messages are under the microscope. Frequency Capping specifically targets promotional messages sent using WhatsApp Business templates. But not everything's restricted:

  • Your usual back-and-forth customer service chats within a 24-hour window? They're not affected.
  • Messages that tie back to your Click-to-WhatsApp ads? You're still good to go there.

Shifting Your Marketing Strategy

With these new rules in play, it's time to rethink how you've been doing WhatsApp marketing:Less can be more. Focus on sending messages that truly add value to your customers' lives.Start real conversations. Use your messages as a springboard to engage users more deeply.Experiment and learn. Since the right frequency can vary, keep testing and adjusting based on what your data tells you.

Looking Ahead

At first glance, Frequency Capping might seem like a hurdle. But in reality, it's an invitation to get smarter and more creative with your WhatsApp marketing. This is your chance to forge stronger connections with your audience and stand out in a sea of businesses vying for their attention.

Dealing with Delivery Snags

Ever wonder why some messages don't make it? The "Why is my delivery rate not 100%?" section in the WhatsApp Business Platform FAQ has some answers. But a quick tip: If a message doesn't go through, bombarding the user with repeats might not be the best move. Timing and patience can make a big difference.


This whole Frequency Capping thing? It's all about the individual user's experience, based on the total number of marketing messages they've received from any and all businesses, not just yours.

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