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3 Tried and Tested Tricks to Create Successful Retargeting campaigns

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 29, 2022

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First impression is the last impression

We keep hearing this statement. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt trying one more time, does it? Particularly when you’re running a marketing campaign.

The first campaign may or may not attract all your target users. So, instead of giving up, you can always go for a retargeting campaign. A smartly planned retargeting campaign can drive even better results than the first time. 46% of paid marketers say that retargeting is one of the most underrated marketing strategies.

But, a retargeting campaign can be prone to some challenges. To begin with, a half-baked, poorly executed retargeting campaign can turn out to be annoying for your prospects and customers.

So, in this blog, we’ll list different types of retargeting campaigns and will help you with some not-so-obvious tips that worked for us.

So, settle in.

What are Facebook retargeting campaigns and why do they matter?

Retargeting ads/campaigns are a type of PPC strategy. It is about tracking a prospect after they have shown interest in your products/services the first time. The idea is that, when a prospect is browsing the internet, a retargeting ad can nudge them to remind of a product they were checking out earlier.

Retargeting ads work well because they play by the rule of human psychology. This is like pressing the persuasive button in a prospect’s mind till the products and services start looking familiar to them. That way, the likelihood of conversion improves for brands.

With the frequent nudges, the numbers of objections reduce for the prospects. Every time a retargeting ad shows up, the considerations of the prospects improve. Their objections start reducing and they start observing more value in a brand’s products and services.

Retargeting may not increase your conversions every time, but it surely improves the odds.

4 Types of Retargeting Campaigns that are Most Commonly Used

Retargeting ads for new/changed offers

If you can convert 90% of your leads through the very first campaign, that’s great! But, that’s hardly the case. In most scenarios, the first campaign is unable to pull a very high conversion. Largely because your prospects are unaware of your offers. You need to develop a retargeting campaign that is more value-driven and where the prospects can get a better idea of your offerings. The purpose of this type of retargeting ads is to educate the prospects about your new offers and discounts.

Target Audiences

  • Existing customers who already purchase from your brand, and you’re planning to increase their purchase frequency through retargeting ads.
  • A new prospect who browsed through your website and dropped off can also be a target audience for this type of campaign.

Retargeting ads for post-purchase

Suppose, a buyer has completed their purchase from your store. Is that it? Definitely, not. Always remember that a buyer who purchased from you once is most likely to purchase from you again. You just have to use the correct persuasion skills. 33% of online shoppers prefer buying from a store that they have previously bought from. So, as a marketer or e-retailer, your aim should be to cross-sell/up-sell/down-sell your products and services to the same customer who already purchased from you once.

Target Audiences

  • Existing users or regular buyers

Retargeting ads for Product launch

Let’s say that you’re planning to launch a new product/service. How do you plan to notify your existing buyers about it? A retargeting campaign should definitely be part of your product launch strategy in that case. This is a smart way to notify the existing buyers that you’ve launched a new product that they might find useful.

Now, the challenge with this type of retargeting ads is that all new products are not suitable for all customers. So, what enterprises should typically do is use a conversational AI platform like Limechat. A conversational AI platform comes with human-level interaction capabilities. They use advanced an advanced Level 3 AI technology, which understands context and carries natural conversations effectively. Therefore, it gets easier to plan when and how you can notify the customers with maximum possibilities of conversion.

Target Audiences

  • Existing buyers who’ll be interested in the newly launched products

Cart abandonment retargeting ads

Abandoned carts are one of the most critical challenges for e-commerce stores. 70% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts and leave behind an incomplete sales cycle. As an e-commerce shop owner, your aim should always be to convert these incomplete purchases. Retargeting ads/emails can be a great way to persuade customers into completing their purchases. An abandoned cart message can help to remind the buyers about a product that they left off.

Target Audiences

  • Existing buyers or new prospects who were interested in a product but didn’t complete their purchase

3 Super-effective Tricks to create High Conversion Facebook retargeting Campaigns

Here’re some tested tips and tricks to ace any retargeting campaign. Let’s get started:

Use Conversational AI to showcase relevant products

The success of facebook retargeting campaigns depends largely on the products you showcase to the customers/prospects. If you can show them what they like/find interesting, they’re very likely to buy from you. Now, it is impossible for a human being to track different customers, note down their buying patterns and recommend products/services accordingly.

You can always think of existing options like Facebook pixel that tracks website visits and actions of the audiences. However, the available insights here are limited as compared to conversational AI. Largely because, conversational AI tries to catch the users who have already engaged with your website. Hence, the chances of conversion improve in that case.

So what’s the way out then? Well, you need a conversational AI platform. Conversational AI platforms can easily track different customers’ previous purchase histories to find out the buying trend they’re following. A conversational AI tool can easily help you showcase the right products to the right customers. Therefore, the conversion potential from retargeting ads becomes massive.

Try retargeting with AI chatbots

Remarketing through AI chatbots can be a win-win strategy. That’s because AI chatbots can identify a buyer’s purchase pattern and recommend them relevant products. Additionally, AI chatbots are thoroughly engaging and they help in initiating personalized conversations. AI chatbots have 24/7 availability and they can automate the entire conversation.

Did you know that AI chatbots have a 70-80% higher open rate than emails or newsletters? Hence, when you’re retargeting a customer/prospect through chats, the possibilities of engaging are much higher.

Offer more discounts, leverage on the urgency

With Facebook retargeting campaigns, you can never have enough discount coupons. The more the merrier! Most online shoppers are involved in comparison shopping. They compare the prices of various products and services on different platforms before making a final selection. So, if you can offer quality products at discounted prices, nothing like it.

Leveraging FOMO also works for retargeting ads. If you can use phrases like “The clock is ticking” or “Only 24hrs are left to the SALE”, you can nudge on the FOMO of your prospects/customers.

Did you know that 60% of buyers make their purchases within 24 hours because of FOMO?  Nobody likes to miss out these days, and with that “last-minute deal” tag written over an ad, many prospects will explore the offer right away.

Why is chat-retargeting is a better option?

  • The combination of conversational AI and chat marketing can help you understand when and where to pitch your products to the customers for highest chance of conversion. Chats are perfect for reminding your customers about a new product launch or the things they left off in carts, without annoying them.
  • With chats, you can send tips, suggestions, updates to the customers on a regular basis. Hence, chats work fine as top of the funnel marketing tool with ability to educate the prospects.

Power-up your Facebook retargeting campaigns with Limechat

Limechat is an omni-channel conversational AI platform that helps you ace your remarketing ads through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, webchat, and Instagram. We can help you get a lower CAC and higher ROI.

Our conversation level 3 AI can help you with – recovering abandoned carts, smarter omnichannel remarketing campaigns, and effective post-purchase retargeting campaigns.

Get a free demo to know more.

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