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The Magic of Limechat’s AI-driven Whatsapp Campaigns

Written by
Abhishek Khuntwal
Published on
February 21, 2023

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Learn more about WhatsApp campaigns enabled by the power of AI.

The current marketing environment is in an abysmal state. Email open rates are at an all-time low of 20% and steadily dropping. SMS is now nothing but a medium for two-factor login. So how does a marketer reach their customers?

Que WhatsApp.

2 billion AMU, of which at least 70% check their messages daily. Not to mention an open rate of 98% and a CTR of 45%, these stats are unrivaled.

Why run WhatsApp campaigns?

Fundamentally, Whatsapp is a chat platform. You have conversations there. It’s an engaging and interactive 2-way communication medium. We see the potential of a salesman who can talk with you and respond based on your reply.

Other mediums like SMS, Emails, etc. are nothing more than advertising platforms that operate over text. Usually, they’re used simply to promote something and leave the end customer.

And I hope I don’t need to emphasize the strength of a salesman that knocks on your door and speaks with you compared to a static advertisement that you see on your phone.

Still, brands continue to use these mediums for any marginal gains they may yield. And, often tend to cut-copy-paste the same campaigns over email, SMS, and WhatsApp.  

What do omnichannel marketing solutions like MoEngage, WebEngage, and Contlo lack?


Other solutions create a complex user journey, that sends messages across SMS, Email & Whatsapp through the same flow. It’s not engaging nor utilizing WhatsApp to its full potential. They just simply advertise and call it a day. These solutions cannot become salesmen for your brand because they lack an AI-driven bot.

When you create user journeys purely focused on WhatsApp via LimeChat, you can literally complete their purchase journey on the chat itself. For example,

Case-1: Omnichannel marketing (MoEngage, WebEngage, Contlo)

Send a message by email -> send a message by sms -> send a message by WhatsApp.
Leave the end-customer no option but to go to the website & make the purchase.

Case-2: Limechat’s AI-driven Whatsapp marketing

Send a message on WhatsApp -> Give them a button reply -> Show the requested product on chat -> Add to cart -> Proceed to checkout -> Buy on the chat itself with a payment link.

Value delivery comparison

SMS conversionEmail ConversionWhatsapp conversionOmnichannel marketingx%y%z%Limechat’s AI-driven Whatsapp marketingN/AN/Aα% > (x+y+z)% combinedLimechat’s WhatsApp marketing alone delivers more value than the other three combined.

What are the Best campaigns that Limechat recommends you run?

Increase customer retention

The key benefit of running a customer retention campaign through WhatsApp is that the buying journey can begin instantly as the recipient opens your message.

Our deep integration with Shopify enables you to customize your campaign granularly. Based on the date of purchase and type of product, you can specify when to reach out to the customer.

Additionally, to increase conversions you can adjust the discount offered as per your requirement.

Reorder campaign example

Customer purchases a product -> After x days send a message to reorder with y% discount -> View cart / Add or remove items / Add bestsellers -> Proceed to checkout

ROI – 1.5% conversion rate with no added discount.
Each message sent costs 50p. Send 100 messages, spend Rs 50, and assuming an AOV of Rs 500, gain revenue of Rs 750.

– Perfect for products that involve repeated usage (Healthcare products, Cosmetics, etc.)
– Takes care of Out of stock products
– Can upsell other products as well
– Takes directly to Shopify checkout with added discount

Template to use:

<Product Image>

Hi {{first_name}}🤗
We hope you enjoyed your last order of some amazing products from your favorite brand {{brand_name}}💛

It’s time to restock them again!

And to pamper you further, we are adding another *{{discount%}} off* just for you🥳

Click on the button below to view your cart, add bestsellers & checkout seamlessly!

Buttons: [Buy Again] | [See our Bestsellers]

Recommended discount: 10%
Reorder cycle: Varies as per product

Decrease customer acquisition cost

Brands spend a significant amount acquiring customers. A crucial metric that defines profitability and growth. The goal is to consistently reduce CAC as you scale up.

Drops within the customer journey at cart and checkout account for up to a 70% loss in sales on average. With LimeChat you can recoup these losses by running abandoned cart & checkout campaigns.

Contact information is fetched automatically and the customer can be reached out to on WhatsApp enabling them to continue their journey right there. Plus, you can incentivize them by providing discounts to increase conversions.

Abandoned Checkout & Abandoned Cart campaign example

Customer adds a product to cart/proceeds to checkout -> Leaves website -> Gets a message with [Unlock my discount] button -> Clicks on it to get a new cart, discounted price & checkout URL embedded in a Buy Now button -> Clicks on Buy Now

ROI – Companies with the right messaging achieve >6% conversion. For Avg. Order value of Rs 500, generate revenue of Rs 3000 for Rs 50 spent (100 sent messages @50p)

– Capture high purchase intent users
– Incentivise them with an added discount to the checkout URL
– Add an element of mystery [Unlock my discount] to engage

Template to use:

<Product Image>
Hey {{first_name}}🤗
At {{brand_name}}, we understand your love for top quality products😍 Just noticed 👀 you left some awesomely unique bestsellers in your cart🛒
Click on the button below to test your luck, unlock your special discount🎁 & proceed to checkout!

Buttons: [Unlock my discount]

Reply on button click:


Congratulations {{first_name}} on unlocking x% discount🤗

🛒 Items in shopping cart

*Product1*                            *Qty1*  

*Product2*                            *Qty2*  


Total Price:                        ₹ {total}  

Discounted Price:        ₹ {discounted_total}  


Proceed to cart now🎁: <Checkout URL>

Hurry!⏳ Offer valid only for 2 hours😮

Decrease RTO costs

Brands bear the full cost of return shipping when a parcel is refused, or undelivered. Restocking and reshipment of the same product eats into the already slim margin of D2C brands.

This is a uniquely Indian problem as COD (cash on delivery) is the preferred method of a large number of people when buying products online.

To reduce RTO costs, other mediums of communication like email & sms fall short as they are often easy to miss/ignore. Brands then have to manually call customers to confirm or cancel their COD order.

WhatsApp with its high open rate and daily use percentage is the apt cost-effective medium to confirm COD orders before you ship them. And with LimeChat, you can fully automize it.

COD order Verification example

Customer purchases a product with COD option -> Send order placed message along with buttons to Confirm & Cancel -> Cancel or update a Shopify tag on the press of Cancel button

ROI – 10% COD orders canceled on WhatsApp. Save at least Rs.50 per such cancellation

–  Add another layer of verification for COD orders
–  Save agent cost of calling to confirm or cancel COD order

– You can choose to directly get the order canceled or just update a Shopify tag, post which your agents can call to confirm. Save huge on return logistics!

Template to use:

<Product Image>

Hey {{first_name}}🤗

Your order from {{brand_name}} is ready to be packed & we are as excited as you are!🥳

This is the last step of confirming your COD order before we dispatch it!
🎁Order ID: {{order_id}}

💳Order Amount: {{total_price}}

Buttons: [Confirm order] | [Cancel order]

Increase CLV

As previously mentioned, CAC is a crucial metric for D2C brands. Once a customer has purchased your product you’d want to retain and gain the maximum value possible from that customer for as long as possible

This is achieved by upselling, cross-selling, and making the customer aware of your other range of products. Especially the ones that pair well with their initial/previous purchase.

For no additional cost, your campaigns that inform customers about their confirmed orders can be utilized to put forth your best sellers or provide insight into what other customers bought alongside the ordered product.

Confirmed order + upsell example

Customer purchases a product -> Send order confirmation along with a button to see bestsellers -> View bestsellers -> Add to cart -> Proceed to checkout

ROI – 1% conversion rate. Additional cost invested – Rs 0
(Since Order confirmed message is already being sent)

– Perfect for selling compliments: Sell conditioner with shampoo, sell face wash with body wash, and so on!

Template to use:

<Product Image>
Hey {{first_name}}🤗
Your recent order from {{brand_name}} is confirmed!🤩 Here are your Order Details-: 🎁Order ID: {{}} 💳Order Amount: {{}}
And *DO NOT FORGET* these! Here is our list of bestsellers that everyone purchases from us🤗 Check our best sellers 👇

Buttons: [View Our Best Sellers]


Improve customer experience

Even though eCommerce has been mainstream for over a decade, the skepticism of online retail still looms over the mass audience.

To alleviate the anxiety associated with shopping online, brands must be engaging with their customers. Providing updates on their order and actively interacting with them are just 2 ways in which brands can improve customer experience.

With LimeChat you can reach customers straight into their WhatsApp DM’s and interact with them just as fluidly as their contacts would. Building trust and validity about your brand.

Feedback campaign example

Customer makes a purchase -> Send a feedback collection message after x days -> Collect reason for a bad experience in a follow-up question AND upsell to those who had good experience

– Understand if your customers are having a good experience or not
– Learn from the ones with a bad experience, earn more revenue from the ones who had good experience

Template to use:

<Product Image>

Hey {{first_name}}🤗

Thank you for being a valued customer. We are thrilled we could serve you!💃🏻We are working hard to enhance your shopping experience with us!🚚 We would love to get your feedback on your recent order🤩Please let us know how you feel about your buying experience with {{brand_name}}!💎

Buttons: [Very Happy] | [Happy] | [Not Happy]


Delivery updates + Upsell example

Customer’s order gets shipped -> Send a message with tracking URL to decrease their anxiety -> Add button to view bestsellers -> Add to cart -> Proceed to checkout

For companies using Shiprocket as logistics aggregator, Out for delivery / Delivered / Delayed campaigns can be run too.

ROI – 1% conversion rate with no additional cost (Since the order shipped message is already being sent)

– Perfect for selling compliments: Sell conditioner with shampoo, sell face wash with body wash, and so on!
Template to use:

<Product Image>
Hey {{first_name}}🤗
Your recent order from {{brand_name}} has been shipped!🤩 Here are your is your link to track the delivery: {{tracking_url}}
And *DO NOT FORGET* these! Here is our list of bestsellers that everyone purchases from us🤗 Check our best sellers 👇

Buttons: [View Our Best Sellers]


Wondering what to do next?

Write an email to your respective product consultant from Limechat and me (abhishek.khuntwal@limechat.ai) expressing your interest in the campaigns.

We’ll take care of the next step from there 🙂

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