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Enjoy High Conversion Facebook Retargeting Ads with Level 3 Conversation Ai

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 29, 2022

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1.73 billion people are actively using Facebook in 2021. This is a large user base that you can tap into to drive engagement for your eCommerce business if you know how to target the right audience with Facebook retargeting ads.

You can pump considerable growth into your eCommerce business by leveraging level 3 conversational AI in your re-targeting strategy. Let us explain how.

Why is Conversational AI Mission-Critical?

Efficiency of chatbots

Conversational AI is at the forefront of redefining rich data collection from customers that have already interacted with your business in some form.

Maybe they visited your website. Maybe they were in the process of checking out but abandoned the page because of an important phone call.

This is where retargeted ads step into the scene to lead a potential customer back into the check-out process. However, the effectiveness of Facebook retargeting ads is a factor of the data that inspires the content of these ads.

Without adequate data, you can’t add the level of customization required to boost your RoAS.

Unsurprisingly, the use of conversational AI is growing at a brisk pace. Let’s look at some key stats that emphasize the need to incorporate conversational AI into your business:

  • The global conversational AI market is expected to grow to USD 13.9 billion by 2025—that’s a 21.9% CAGR.
  • More than half of users that shop online show a preference for interacting with a chatbot over a human agent.
  • Aspect asked customers to rate their experiences with intelligent assistant/chatbot and compiled the following results:
    Interaction Success – 55%
    Accuracy – 55%
    Speed – 62%
    Ease of Use – 65%
    Friendliness – 65%

Of course, these numbers are nothing to sneeze at. They highlight how conversational AI is making its way into mainstream eCommerce, one day at a time.

How Level 3 AI Improves Facebook Retargeting Ads

Difference between Level 2 & Level 3 AI

Let’s put some context into why level 3 AI is a better choice before we get to how it helps you improve your Facebook retargeting strategy.

Level 1 AI: Static web forms and command-line applications are the best examples of level 1 AI. Basically, level 1 AI puts the workload onto the user. The user must feed information to get something out of it.

Level 2 AI: Basic chatbots use level 2 AI. These function fine as long as the user supplies information in a format that doesn’t deviate from what the chatbots are programmed to handle. For instance, when you say “Show me a moisturizer for oily skin,” it will work fine. However, when you follow up by saying “Wait, first tell me how to use a moisturizer on oily skin,” it might not fly with level 2 AI.

Level 3 AI: Level 3 AI allows a customer to ask follow-up questions. For instance, the customer could ask the AI “How does product x compare to product y,” without derailing the conversation. Limechat is the world’s first and only level 3 AI assistant.

Since level 3 AI offers better interactivity to customers, they find it more engaging and easier to use. What’s more, businesses can derive insightful data from these conversations. While Facebook audience insights do provide data, your business needs much more.

Businesses can use level 3 AI to capture rich events from conversational buying flows, website pixels, etc., and send those events to their marketing automation tools.

Granted, the custom audience Facebook tool allows you to tailor-make a Facebook target audience list with contact lists, site visitors, and app users. However, level 3 AI takes detailed targeting on Facebook up a notch.

When a user interacts with a sophisticated e-commerce assistant, whether on your website, messaging channels, or interactive ads, it collects data on the user’s preferences. Consequently, the backend condenses the data into user profiles. This helps you analyze user behavior and provides you with actionable intel for your retargeting campaigns.

Advantages of Chat-Based Facebook Retargeting Ads

Now that we’ve established how you can use conversational AI to create laser-focused retargeting campaigns, let’s look at what advantages it translates into.

Provides granular data

Users who engage via chat leave granular data for businesses to analyze. For instance, let’s say your user engages with the AI assistant and asks for a product that can help him get rid of acne. Next, he mentions that he has sensitive skin. This data can help you customize your retargeting campaign based on user’s specific preferences, consequently improving conversion rates.

This is the most noteworthy benefit of a level 3 AI assistant. It collects data as the buyer transitions from one phase in their buying journey to the next. Brands can extract information regarding the precise phase where the buyer dropped out of the journey. This is how a level 3 AI assistant facilitates execution of buyer journeys—it collects granular data that empowers brands to create effective retargeting campaigns.

Eliminates the “marketing” feel

Retargeting via social messaging channels eliminates the “marketing” feel attached to it. Often, users feel repelled when something feels salesy. Incorporating your strategy into their natural conversational flow addresses this issue.

Better open rates

Chat-based applications have a significantly higher open rate compared to emails. Think about it, how often do you open a marketing email? Undeniably, not too often. However, when you receive a message on your Facebook messenger recommending a product that you’ve already expressed interest in previously, it’s very likely that you’ll at least look at what the message says. Perhaps, it could offer a discount that could finally encourage you to proceed to check out.

Round-the-clock support

A level 3 AI assistant offers round-the-clock support to users, which means your users can engage with the assistant even when they’re munching on a late-night snack. This also means brands can receive feedback from the customers at all times.

More appropriate for some retargeting campaigns

Display ads may be unsuitable for some retargeting campaigns. For instance, a reorder campaign where your goal is to encourage the customer into a repeat purchase. Therefore, brands default to emails in this case. However, an AI assistant can be a far more effective alternative. It doesn’t require the buyer to click on a link to make the purchase. All they need to do is send a message and the assistant will walk them through the rest of the process.

Better engagement and cost-effective

A level 3 AI assistant brings a slew of other benefits such as making marketing campaigns more engaging while still being cost-effective. If you choose Limechat, you get a powerful and automated dashboard that greatly supplements your marketing efforts.

Leverage the Power of Level 3 AI

Your customers deserve the best-in-class experience, and the onus of delivering this experience is on you. This can justifiably feel overwhelming to some, but we can help. The Limechat team provides extensive support and we’re committed to helping you succeed as you modernize your business. Schedule your FREE demo now to discover how we can help you and your business succeed.

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