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How W for Woman drives 10+ RoAS with LimeChat's WhatsApp Campaigns?

How W for Woman drives 10+ RoAS with LimeChat's WhatsApp Campaigns?

Our Impact

2 to 10
Increased RoAS
Revenue Gains
Contribution from WhatsApp

Key Challenges

W for Woman is a prominent player in the fashion retail industry, known for its stylish and contemporary apparel offerings. As the market evolved, W for Woman faced the challenge of optimizing its advertising spend and enhancing its marketing strategies to better reach and engage customers.

W for Woman’s was investing heavily in Meta ads targeting existing clients, which resulted in a low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2. This approach was not only costly but also inefficient, as it failed to effectively expand its customer base or engage users at a meaningful level.

Solution with LimeChat

Nihal who is an Assistant Manager at TCNS wanted to WhatsApp a major revenue channel and recognized the need for a more targeted and efficient marketing WhatsApp strategy rather than spending more on Meta Ads. W for Woman’s turned to LimeChat and its advanced segmentation capabilities. LimeChat’s solution involved:

  • Segment Identification: LimeChat’s success team worked closely with W for Woman to identify and refine customer segments that were most likely to convert, moving beyond the generic targeting methods previously used.
  • WhatsApp Targeting: Instead of relying on broad-based Meta ads, W for Woman utilized LimeChat to engage these specific segments directly through WhatsApp, a platform with high engagement rates in their target market.
  • Expert Guidance: LimeChat provided expert advice on crafting tailored messages that resonated with each segment, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.
Segments Identification in LimeChat


The strategic pivot to using LimeChat’s segmentation and WhatsApp marketing led to significant improvements:

  • Increased ROAS: By targeting the right segments with optimized messages on WhatsApp, W for Woman increased its ROAS from 2 to 10.
  • Boosted Revenue: This enhanced ROAS translated into substantial revenue gains, with W for Woman generating ₹30 lakhs per month from these campaigns, accounting for more than 10% of their total revenue.
  • Efficient Spending: The shift from broad Meta ads to focused WhatsApp campaigns allowed W for Woman to reduce wasted ad spend and reallocate resources more effectively.
Segments Identification in LimeChat

How We Did It

  • Segmentation Strategy: Each month, targeted segments such as city-specific, loyal customers, and abandoned checkout profiles were identified. Tailored content was then crafted to maximize relevance and engagement.
  • Personalized Messaging: Using LimeChat, W for Woman sent personalized content through WhatsApp, focusing on tailored campaigns for festivals like Eid in Hyderabad and Lucknow, Ugadi in Karnataka, and Navratri in North India, targeting audiences specifically chosen based on each festival's demographics.
  • Sales and Promotional Campaigns: Engaging campaigns for seasonal events like the Summer Sale and Pay Day Sale utilized "last chance to buy" messaging to create urgency. These campaigns were most effective when broadcasted over the weekend, ideally between 12:00 and 12:30 PM, to capture maximum customer attention.
  • Frequency Segmentation: This strategy proved most effective, targeting users based on their purchase frequency. Special promotions were geared towards loyal customers—defined as those who had purchased at least twice. Exclusive offers, including added coupons, were particularly successful with this group.
  • Event Timing and Messaging: Campaigns were most effective on weekends, especially during sales or holidays, leveraging "last chance" messaging to drive urgency.

Industry Impact

While many companies use segmentation, not all achieve significant improvements in ROAS. W for Woman’s success story demonstrates the effectiveness of LimeChat’s tailored approach and expert guidance in segmentation and messaging.


W for Woman’s experience underscores the power of targeted customer engagement through innovative platforms like WhatsApp. By partnering with LimeChat, Nihal from W for Woman’s was able to dramatically improve its marketing efficiency, proving that with the right tools and expertise, businesses can achieve exceptional results even in competitive markets.

This case study illustrates how leveraging specific technologies and expert insights can transform marketing strategies and lead to remarkable growth in customer engagement and revenue.

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The support from LimeChat was transformative. Their expertise in segmentation and personalized WhatsApp marketing helped us not only reach but engage our customers more effectively, significantly boosting our marketing ROI

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