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How to Increase Customer Retention with LimeChat’s Whatsapp Campaigns

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Team LimeChat
Published on
December 28, 2022

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Did you know it costs 5X more to acquire a new customer than to keep a loyal customer?

And with the current open and read rates of email and SMS falling drastically, marketers have turned to Whatsapp as a medium to increase repeat orders.

With more and more D2C and Ecommerce brands turning to Whatsapp Marketing, it is clear that conversational commerce is gaining prominence.

Whatsapp marketing enables lead generation, increases conversions, reduces CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), reduces abandoned cart rate, and helps provide a 2-way channel of communication between the brand and the customer.

A significant advantage of Whatsapp Marketing is how you can increase customer retention in a scalable, efficient way.

Here’s why we think sending these campaigns on WhatsApp is your best bet:

  • Open Rates >85%
  • 40% Higher Response Rates
  • 2X Conversions

To keep your customers coming back for new launches and restocking, here are the Whatsapp Campaigns we recommend you start with:

Increase Repeat Sales by 13% with Reorder Whatsapp Campaign

Want to re-engage your new customers and also want to drive revenue?

After a user orders something, you can send timely reminders to them to refill/restock their products based on an estimated usage timeline.

You can send multiple messages to customers after 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days with a discount to re-order the product they bought earlier.

With LimeChat’s Klaviyo-like flow builder for WhatsApp, you can do a one-time, quick setup to automatically trigger notifications after an estimated product lifecycle. Go beyond basics and hyper-personalize your messages based on single or multiple items in the cart, different product lifecycles, etc.

You can also combine campaigns, like up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, as we’ve explained further down in the post.

Recover 10% Abandoned Carts with Two-Way Drip Campaigns

It is incredibly painful, especially monetarily, to push a customer up the buying funnel yet watch them drop off right before they checkout.

It’s painful because, in 2022, the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%. If your customer is browsing through a mobile, that number increases to 85.6%!

That is a LOT. As a result, abandoned cart strategies have become essential for D2C brands.

We have launched our signature Whatsapp Drip campaigns to reduce your abandoned rate by more than 10%. You can address customer queries during checkout, offer help, and bring back lost customers.

But the best part? The level of personalisation you can do with our flow-builder!

For e.g., you have two customers whose cart values are Rs.500 and Rs. 2000. For the smaller cart value, send an abandoned cart campaign that is a simple reminder (Your cart is waiting for you) and for the higher cart value, send a personalised 10% off coupon code, to get them to buy.

This is only one of the ways you can personalise your abandoned cart campaigns on Whatsapp with LimeChat. With our flow-builder, you can experiment in several ways to send a nuanced campaign that suits your goals and brand identity.

Upsell/Cross Sell

After your customer has purchased from you, you can send them an upsell or cross-sell Whatsapp campaign to cement their loyalty and ensure quicker repeat purchases. Upselling means sending a higher-priced product, or additional features and benefits, like warranty, etc., whereas in cross-sell, you will recommend similar products that address their main concern.

While sending them a message about refilling, you can send the re-order Whatsapp campaign and combine it with the cross-sell or upsell campaign. For example, if your customer has purchased an anti-acne face wash, you can also recommend your anti-acne face moisturiser.

You can also configure offset days and customise discounts at the product level!

2-Way Order Shipment Campaigns

”Where is my order?” is one of the customers’ most burning questions. Now you can keep them informed with real-time order shipment updates on WhatsApp — and watch your engagement skyrocket.

When any order is shipped from the warehouse, personalized, automated WhatsApp messages are sent with tracking information, enabling shoppers to check on the status of their order. With LimeChat, it is a one-time, quick setup to automatically trigger notifications after the order is shipped.

How can you use this campaign for retention?

  • You can share your product catalogue on Whatsapp for them to browse through, as they wait for their product to be delivered
  • You can judge their intent, find out if they have more concerns and up-sell or cross-sell products
  • You can ask if they know how to use the product and share a usage guide, while mentioning what other products in your catalogue work best with it

Build 1:1 Relationships with Feedback Campaigns

Engaging your customers on WhatsApp post-purchase improves transparency and strengthens your brand. Send Order confirmation and shipping alerts along with Customer NPS Surveys & product usage tips.

Each response from a customer gives insight into your processes- how well you are communicating, what you need to bring more transparency to, and what convinces them to buy. With 2-way messaging, you can get to know your customers better.

Since it’s Whatsapp, there are higher chances (90%!) of them sharing feedback. It’s also comparatively easier to do than have to go to a website page and write a review.

Broadcast New Product Launches

Normally, broadcasts are sent with a discount code and a link redirecting to the website. However, from what we’ve seen, this is rarely enough to convince a customer to buy.

Instead, we recommend you encourage a conversation. Instead of buy now, add a CTA- Learn More, along with your product image and supporting copy of its features.

When they click on Learn more, you know they are genuinely interested in your product. Harness that interest by sharing customer reviews, usage tips and perhaps, even the shade/variables within that product category.

With our human-level AI capabilities, your customers can have a conversation by zeroing in on concerns, thereby personalising their experience on Whatsapp.

What Sets LimeChat’s Whatsapp Campaigns Apart?

15-20% higher conversions with automatically applied discounts on checkout

LimeChat’s ecosystem has deep integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, so we dynamically include variables like customer name, checkout URL, cart items, and shop name in your messages. You just need to specify when you want to send an alert and how much discount to give, and we’ll be ready to start.

These are auto-applied to the checkout — you don’t even have to create a custom discount code

Configure DND timings

Specifying Do Not Disturb (DND) Hours allows you to manage user engagement. It’s a simple setup that helps you configure idle hours during which end-users should not receive trigger notifications, such as when they may be asleep or non-serviceable hours of your business.

40% higher response rate with two-way communication

Your customers do not appreciate one-way messages directed at them; they want to have two-way, real conversations with your business. Using LimeChat’s Bot+Helpdesk integration, you can instantly engage with users who respond to the campaign, answer their queries, and guide them to checkout — all on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Marketing Platform that Brands Trust

LimeChat enables brands to boost their sales and deliver the best-in-class customer experience with the most impactful, personalized, and results-driven Whatsapp campaigns in the market.

Go live in less than 3 days and start driving conversions quickly and efficiently, and get access to real-time data for unlimited insights and personalization possibilities with e-store, logistics, CRM, and more integrations.

Book a demo here to learn more!

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