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10+ Powerful Customer Support Templates for your eCommerce Support

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Team LimeChat
Published on
December 27, 2022

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We discussed the importance of automating and optimising your customer support approach in the previous lesson on customer support strategy. Apart from a helpdesk solution like LimeChat, you’ll need some workflows and templates in place to do so. These workflows and templates will help you reduce response time and provide consistently high-quality support.

Come to think of it, your organisation and customers benefit from standardising how your support team reacts to consumer inquiries.

So, in this lesson, we’ll learn about the importance and examples of workflows and templates that your customer service representatives may use to create unique responses.

Importance of customer support scripts

Having customer support scripts ready can benefit your customer service representatives in many ways. Let’s look at some of these benefits:

1. Quick resolution

When your customer support team has support scripts handy it allows them to quickly respond to queries, enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. High-quality customer service

It’s important to provide customers with consistent support quality because if some customers get outstanding service while others don’t, it will reflect poorly on your brand. Customers who receive poor service also impact your online reviews and reputation.

3. Less stress and confusion

Your customer service representative won’t have to worry about coming up with original responses every time they receive a new inquiry. Using scripts to provide customer service makes it easier.

4. Less manual work

Within your e-commerce helpdesk, your customer service agents can quickly access scripted responses, saving time and effort.

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Three workflows you need to document before getting started

It’s critical to document workflow at various buying stages before we help you with customer support scripts. There are three stages of the buying process: pre-purchase, during-purchase, and post-purchase.

Let’s look at some examples to help you understand these different stages:

Stage 1: Pre-purchase

Customers explore alternatives and weigh benefits and drawbacks before making a purchase decision in the pre-purchase stage. To provide the best solution, it’s important to first understand the customer’s needs and expectations. Offering solutions without first knowing the customer’s problems may cause them to look for other alternatives at this point.

Example: Customers might visit service facilities or try aspects of the service before purchasing. Your helpdesk can help educate them about different features, describe the types of users who can most benefit from it, and offer advice on getting the best results.

Stage 2: Buying stage

After researching and weighing all their options, customers decide to buy your product or service at this stage. Going over and above to provide excellent customer service will help you close this deal quickly. Customers might have many questions at this point, so support executives must be prepared to address them. Those answers will reinforce customer buying decisions and increase the chances of closing the deal.

Example: At this stage, customers will have queries such as requesting a size guide, inquiring about return policy, looking for a warranty, etc. Hence, you can use an automation tool to answer frequently asked queries here.

Stage 3: Post purchase stage

Most companies believe that the post-purchase stage is less significant than the pre-and during-purchase stages. That, however, is incorrect. The customer service you provide post-purchase is equally important since it can influence repeat purchases and word-of-mouth about your product or business.

Customers often experience post-purchase anxiety especially when they make a big purchase. This can be reduced by providing excellent customer service that results in customer satisfaction.

Example: Once customers make a purchase, they might encounter challenges like order status, product installation, product issues, or returns. Having helpdesk automation can ease the process for customer support reps by providing answers to these queries without their intervention.

Bonus tip: While automating your customer service process may appear to be the end-all solution, it is not. Your customers may require more assistance than automation can provide. As a result, it’s important to recognize when a hand-off from automation to a human is required.

When your consumers require additional assistance, the automated solution you’re using should effortlessly alert a human agent.

Customer support scripts you can use in automating support

Did you know? 69% of the customers prefer interacting with a human agent than chatbots on chat support. While chatbots might reduce the workload of customer support representatives by answering FAQs, it’s important to offer an option for human intervention.

With a level 3 AI tool like LimeChat, you can take the traditional helpdesk one step ahead by bringing a human touch into your automation. It not only automates your customer service process but also interprets contextual free text queries, making your chat experience feel more human.

LimeChat uses level 3 AI, which learns from customer behaviour and previous interactions to customise automated chats on a human level.

However, here are some customer service scripts you may use to automate support at various stages:

1. Pre- purchase stage

Payment assistance

Customers may be hesitant to make a one-time payment if your product or service is expensive. They may be interested in learning about the many payment alternatives accessible. As a result, providing customers with a discount, the option of EMI, or pay later, may be beneficial.

Template 1:

Hi! Thank you for getting in touch with us. We have a buy now, pay later option for this item. Right now, you can take advantage of the benefit of not having to make an immediate payment. To understand more about this payment option head to our FAQ section here {provide a link to FAQ section}

Template 2:

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. We don’t have a buy now pay later option for this item. However, we’re offering a 15% discount on all items. The offer ends today at midnight. Click to proceed for checkout {provide a link to checkout}.

Product variations

Customers may not like the colour and size of a product displayed on the website. They might contact customer service to inquire about other colour and size options. It’s where your customer support representatives can use the templates below to offer quick assistance.

Template 1:

Hello, I notice you’re seeking different colour and size options. I regret to inform you that we are currently out of other colours. The only colour available for this product is listed on the website. The ability to choose your size is also mentioned on the website, just below the product.

Template 2:

Hello {customer name}, the item you’re looking for is available in three colours: black, blue, and green. The item is currently out of stock for your size (M). We’ll let you know when we restock it. Thanks!


Customers may look for a certain feature in your product to help them solve an issue or fulfil a desire. They may contact your customer service representatives to learn more about the product features and how they might benefit them.

Template 1:

Hii, Thank you for contacting us. The product works with Alexa and may be easily connected to your smartphone. The product also supports the call drop and pick feature. You can learn more about the product by visiting our FAQ section. We’re here to help you at any time. Have a wonderful day!

Template 2:

Hello, I’m happy to assist you. The product is both water and dust-resistant. It supports both WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled connectivity. You can even connect the device to the TV with the aux cable provided. Check out the product description page for more information{provide the link}.

2. Buying stage

Requesting size guide

Customers who do not want to go through the hassle of returning an item enquire about sizes before purchasing. As different companies use different sizes, customers may be uncertain whether the size they selected is correct. As a result, they’ll seek assistance from customer service.

Template 1:

Below the product, you’ll find the option to choose your size. You can select the size according to your fit { S, M, L, XL, and XXL}. We’ve also included the model’s size in the product photos and the model’s dimensions in the description for your convenience.

Template 2:

Hi, thanks for reaching out. You can always refer to sizes in the product description box. The product you have selected is M with a length 42. The model height is 5 9″ waist size 30. In case you need more help with the product, I’d be happy to assist. Thanks!

Refund Policy

Customers are always concerned about what will happen if the product does not meet their expectations. So, before making a purchase, customers may contact your customer service department to inquire about your return policy. You can use this template to assist them in overcoming their fear.

Template 1:

Thank you for getting in touch with us! Except for clearance items, we accept returns for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

Template 2:

Hi {Name}, Thanks for reaching out to us. The product you have selected comes with a 15 days return policy. If you’re not happy with the product, you can always return it within 15 from the date of purchase.


The warranty assures customers that if the product breaks down or if they discover a defect later, arrangements will be made for a replacement or repair.

Template 1:

Hello! Thank you for getting in touch with us. Our products come with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complementary technical support. With a monthly premium plan, you can always extend your coverage and avoid the stress and cost of unexpected repairs.

Template 2:

Hello! The product you’ve selected comes with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of the broken item at our discretion.

Not able to place order

Customers may occasionally have difficulty placing an order.

This could be a temporary glitch or a technical issue.

It’s always preferable for the customer service team to go above and above to assist them in placing an order, so you don’t miss out on a sale.

Template 1:

I’m sorry that you’re not able to place the order. I assure you of the best assistance. Please allow me a moment to examine this.Meanwhile, could you assist me with the product(s) you wish to purchase?

Template 2:

Hi{name}, I regret to inform you that our website is currently under maintenance, and you won’t be able to place an order for the next 15 minutes. But how about you tell me what you need, and I’ll place an order for you? You’ll get an email confirmation once I place the order.

3. Post- purchase stage

No order confirmation email

After placing an order, customers frequently check their email to verify if it has been confirmed. However, they may not always receive the email. This can increase their anxiety about whether the payment was accepted or why they haven’t received a confirmation email. As a result, they may contact your customer service department to inquire about this.

Template 1:

Hi, I understand that you haven’t received an order confirmation email yet. Is this the same email address as the one you used to place your order? After placing an order, did you see a thank-you page on your screen?

Template 2:

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received the confirmation email yet. But don’t worry, your payment is safe with us. I see your payment was successful for order no. {mention order no.}. You’ll shortly receive a confirmation email from us.

Late shipment

Customers nowadays expect quick delivery. Any delay in order can make them more anxious. This might have an adverse effect on your customer’s experience. Late deliveries directly influence your company’s reputation and brand loyalty. It’s critical to reassure customers of this and compensate with an additional benefit.

Template 1:

We’re sorry that your order shipped on dated {mention the shipment date} didn’t arrive on time. We have a 98% on-time delivery rate and ensure that you receive your order on or before the scheduled delivery date. I checked the order status with the backend team, and you should have your order by tomorrow..Thank you for your patience; here is a $15 discount coupon for your next purchase.

Template 2:

Hello{name}, I’m sorry to hear about the shipment delay. The order was shipped within 24hrs, and the delay shouldn’t have occurred. I’ve checked with the backend team; your order has reached the warehouse in your city. One of our delivery executives will pick up the order shortly and deliver it to you. Accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Order Cancellation

Customers may wish to cancel a recently placed order for various reasons. Perhaps they changed their minds or discovered a better option elsewhere. As a result, they may contact the support team for assistance with the order cancellation.

Template 1:

Your order number {mention order number} is still not ready for shipment. You can always cancel the order before it leaves for shipment. Please confirm so that I may go ahead and cancel the order. The amount will be refunded to your source account in the next 5-7 working days.

Template 2:

Your order is ready for shipment. Do you wish to cancel it? Please confirm so I can cancel the order before it leaves for shipment. If you cancel your order post shipment, a minimal charge of Rs.50 will be deducted from your order total.

Damaged product

Customers sometimes receive defective or damaged goods. Most of the time, products are damaged in transit, and customers seek assistance to replace the product. You can help customers overcome stress by providing the best support possible.

Template 1:

We’re sorry to hear you received a damaged product. Before leaving the shipment facility, all products are double-checked. Something might have gone wrong. However, we are always there to assist you. Please keep the label; one of our delivery agents will pick up your order and bring the new product to you shortly.

Template 2:

Hi, I want to apologise for the damaged product you received from us last week. This situation is certainly unusual, and we are sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused. I’ve requested one of our delivery executives to pick up the item and deliver the replacement. We owe you this, and if there is anything more that we can do in this regard, please do inform us.


91% of customer service teams agree with the statement that having a help desk system increases productivity. You can quickly automate and create workflows with the help of automation technologies like LimeChat. It is designed exclusively for Shopify merchants and leverages level 3 AI technology.

We often hear that chatbots lack human-like conversational capabilities, limiting their usage.

LimeChat, on the other hand, recognizes contextual free-text queries and gives the chat experience a human-like feel. As a result, the templates listed above will allow your customer service staff to quickly access planned responses within your e-commerce helpdesk.

Providing excellent customer service and assistance is a continuous process. Automation can help you simplify and speed up the process, but you must constantly evaluate and improve your approach to make it extraordinary.

So, in the next blog, we’ll go through some key metrics that you must track for the success of your customer service.

To explore and understand how LimeChat helps you take your customer support to the next level, book a free demo here.

This post is the sixth in our Masterclass series on Ecommerce Customer Support & Service, where we go through an in-depth understanding of the current expectations and strategies some of the best D2C brands use and how to execute them in simple, actionable ways.

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