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How RPSG Revolutionized Channel Partner Engagement through the Sarathi Initiative on WhatsApp

How RPSG Revolutionized Channel Partner Engagement through the Sarathi Initiative on WhatsApp

Our Impact

Decrease in attrition rate
Growth in revenue
24 HR
Resolution SLA

At RPSG, the success of channel sales and the strength of relationships with distributors, wholesalers, and field force (DSMs and ISRs) are crucial. They are integral to the company’s overarching goals of expanding the customer base, increasing sales, and boosting profitability.

However, the company was grappling with a high attrition rate among channel partners and field force. This high turnover was negatively impacting revenue and account expansion.

Srikant, Head of Trade Marketing (TM) and Channel Sales at RPSG, was determined to turn this around. His primary KPI, revenue growth from channel accounts, hinged on maintaining robust relationships with channel partners and the field force team.

Understanding the challenges

Srikant delved into the reasons behind the high attrition rate and found that the core issue was dissatisfaction due to unresolved grievances such as delayed incentives, receipt of damaged packaging or low shelf-life stock, and a lack of support from the brand.

Recognizing the critical need to improve the relationship between RPSG and its channel partners and field team, Srikant identified an opportunity to establish a support system. His goal was to find a solution that would enable direct engagement with partners and field force, address their concerns effectively, and provide a superior brand experience.

“Our partners and field team are crucial to our success, and when they're not satisfied, it directly impacts our revenue and growth. We needed a solution to provide better support directly from our brand,” explained Srikant.

Establishing Direct Partner Engagement via WhatsApp

In his search for an effective solution, Srikant came across LimeChat, a platform known for helping 300+ D2C brands engage with customers via WhatsApp. Srikant recognized the potential for a groundbreaking application in the FMCG sector and combined his retail expertise with LimeChat's WhatsApp capabilities to address the industry's unique challenges.

Together, they co-built a solution called Sarathi, the world's first WhatsApp chatbot designed specifically for direct engagement with channel partners and field force in the FMCG sector.

A Unified Vision

Srikant saw WhatsApp's personal nature and widespread use as the key to reducing RPSG’s attrition rates and revenue losses. With LimeChat's collaboration, he envisioned a seamless communication channel that would revolutionize how RPSG interacted with its channel partners/field force and drive business growth.

Achieving key goals with LimeChat

The approach was multi-faceted, focusing on both immediate interventions and long-term strategic changes. Together with LimeChat’s team, he started by addressing several essential areas:

  • Launching a lifeline (Sarathi) on WhatsApp for timely resolution of partner and field force queries and direct brand contact
  • Proactive communication about marketing schemes, incentives, targets, and training videos
  • Categorizing and analyzing all support tickets to root out pain points
  • Collecting timely feedback on WhatsApp to ensure channel partners and field force were happy with their brand experiences

The Solution

Sarathi: Too Yumm’s WhatsApp Chatbot for personalized, consistent support at scale

Sarathi was introduced as a lifeline on WhatsApp, where channel partners and field team could easily reach out to the brand and get quick responses. This initiative allowed RPSG to show its commitment by promptly addressing grievances.

Both the channel partner and field force bots efficiently handled common queries, such as accessing e-catalogs to learn more about Too Yumm's products, obtaining SE/ASM details, or resolving issues with the DSM portal.

In cases where issues remained unresolved, support agents stepped in and provided 1:1 resolutions on call or WhatsApp. LimeChat’s CRM integration helped RPSG with swift and efficient case management.

Within months, Srikant noticed a visible improvement in relationships with channel partners/field force and a 40% drop in attrition rates, thanks to the 24-hour SLA.

Utilizing WhatsApp as a proactive communication channel

Broadcasting the latest schemes and launches

Previously, Srikant and his team faced delays and communication gaps when rolling out new trade marketing schemes to target partners. To overcome this, RPSG initiated broadcasting new schemes and product launches directly to partners via WhatsApp. This meant their partners were always in the loop and ready to act. The strategy yielded several key benefits:

  • Faster time to market, allowing for quicker scheme delivery
  • Improved partner and field force awareness and understanding of brand initiatives
  • Increased engagement, leading to repeat purchases and increased sales

Sharing incentive reminders

RPSG started sending regular 'nudge' reminders about incentives via WhatsApp, encouraging partners and field team to sell even more.

Communicating Targets and Achievements

Sharing real-time information about targets and achievements kept partners and field force informed and motivated to push for more sales. They could also check their targets and progress using the bot.

Training videos for field force

Broadcast fresh training videos via WhatsApp to empower the field force in mastering the sales techniques for RPSG’s latest product launches.

Continuous improvement through feedback

RPSG wanted to gauge if their partners and field team were satisfied with the new communication setup. With LimeChat's assistance, RPSG launched feedback campaigns on WhatsApp. This effort enabled RPSG to timely collect customer feedback, understand their experiences, and intervene when necessary.

Data-driven root cause analysis

The final step for Srikant was to conduct a root cause analysis of pain points. By analyzing conversation tickets on LimeChat’s CRM, he aimed to identify recurring issues and address them at their core.


In partnership with LimeChat, RPSG successfully leveraged WhatsApp to establish direct communication between the brand and its channel partners and field force. By reducing turnaround time (TAT) and swiftly resolving their queries, RPSG managed to decrease attrition by 40%. This significant reduction in attrition translated to a potential revenue increase of 12-15% for the brand.

This success highlights that Sarathi is more than just a communication tool; it’s a testament to RPSG’s commitment to its partners and field force team. Srikant’s vision of a connected, responsive, and partner-centric business has transformed the way RPSG operates, setting a benchmark in the FMCG industry. As RPSG continues to grow, the relationships nurtured through Sarathi will remain a cornerstone of its success.

The Results

The implementation of Sarathi, RPSG's WhatsApp chatbot solution, led to notable improvements across key metrics:

Reduction in attrition rate

Prior to Sarathi, RPSG experienced an attrition rate north of 10% among Distributors, DSMs, and ISRs. With Sarathi, this dropped by an impressive 40%.

Query Resolution and Turnaround Time (TAT)

Sarathi's deployment streamlined the resolution process for partner queries, ensuring prompt responses and efficient issue resolution. The implementation of a 24-hour resolution SLA further enhanced partner satisfaction and trust in RPSG's support system.

Impact on revenue growth

The attrition rate decline directly correlated with notable revenue growth of 12-15% for RPSG. By retaining more partners and field force and building stronger relationships through Sarathi, RPSG capitalized on increased sales opportunities, resulting in significant revenue expansion.

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Leveraging LimeChat's expertise in the WhatsApp domain, we launched Sarathi, a game-changer in engaging our valued channel partners directly. This pioneering initiative has established new standards in the FMCG sector, enabling seamless connections with partners and field forces. Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology, we've witnessed a remarkable transformation in enhancing end-user experiences.

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