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Top 10 Shopify Customer Support Apps you can’t afford to miss

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 29, 2022

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In what situation does increased sales and traffic mean bad news?

When your customer success team feels overwhelmed!

You have a backlog of e-mails, the phone is ringing off the hook, and customers have flooded your inbox with queries across your website and social media.

It might not be happening right away, but as your business grows, so will your need for an efficient support team.

If neglected, you can expect to see angry customers and reviews. This results in a bad reputation and a dip in sales and customer loyalty.

Thankfully, there are thousands of apps to offer customer support through Shopify that will help your agents put their best foot forward.

But not all of them are worth your time or money.

We’ve done the research and have listed the top 10 Shopify Customer Support apps out there below.

Read on and find ones that will be perfect for your brand.


Shopify Customer Support Apps Zendesk
“Please stay on hold as we gather more information regarding your query.”

We’ve all heard some variation of this line before.

A customer’s patience is already wearing thin if they’re contacting your support team.

And every extra minute heightens this feeling.

Zendesk’s Shopify chat support app resolves this under minutes.

It arms you with a unified customer profile, providing relevant data every time a customer makes an enquiry.

This enables seamless engagement resulting in stronger customer relationships.

But with complex navigation and layouts, prepare for potential delays when you’re first getting started.


Shopify Customer Support Apps Re:Amaze
To paraphrase George Orwell, “All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Yes, we’re talking about those rare, bone-chilling support requests where a customer is grievously unhappy about something.

Situations like these require your immediate attention.

But what happens if their ticket goes unnoticed somehow?

With Re:Amaze, you’re in safe hands.

This powerful Shopify customer service app uses AI to segregate messages, prioritizing critical issues if they arrive.

Additionally, their live chat feature is integrated with a chatbot, order update facility, and FAQ search functionality!

All this helps customers easily find what they’re looking for, allowing your support team to focus on other tickets.

However, team collaboration isn’t as integrated, so your agents may need to find a different channel to jointly handle support requests.

Customer Guru

Shopify Customer Support Apps Customer Guru
“Please take a moment to fill out the survey below.”

Customers fail to understand the impact of logging off at this message, but businesses do not.

Surveys inform brands of customer pain points and help you earn valuable reviews.

How do you leverage this when survey response rates are so low?

Enter Customer Guru.

With optimized surveys, smart follow-ups, and simple layouts, they have amped up success to a 40-60% response rate.

Their Shopify customer service app enables you to directly embed customer testimonials and reviews onto your website as well.

Doing so increases conversions, boosts sales, and builds trust.

What’s more, is they analyze responses to craft an insightful report to help you understand customer segments better.

This data equips you to identify trends on criteria like location, popular products, and even which holiday sale performed better!


Gogias Shopify Customer Support Apps
“Help! How do I handle so many support tickets?”

A growing customer base can result in an influx of support tickets, making it difficult to keep customer satisfaction up.

Gorgias offers two great solutions to ease the burden off your support staff.

One, they use machine learning to detect the intent behind any query.

This makes it easy for agents to identify specific requests regarding shipping, refunds, exchanges and more, and assign them to the respective teams.

And two, agents can create templates that answer common queries and then automate them.

Yet, while customer support through Shopify is made simpler, Gorgias is complex and expensive. Your agents will need adequate time to become familiar with the processes.


Richpanel Shopify Customer Support Apps
“Looking for a candidate to manage communications across our range of customer service channels.”

Have you ever put out a job alert like this?

Then you already know the pain of managing requests and enquiries across multiple platforms.

At the same time, your business needs to be available to customers easily, even if that means being everywhere.

Say hello to reduced response times with Richpanel!

Their customer support through Shopify streamlines communications across platforms.

And like Zendesk, Richpanel provides teams with the full picture without leaving the conversation hanging.

Unfortunately, Richpanel is similar to Zendesk in its complex, bulky navigation too. Not to mention, it’s one of the more expensive Shopify apps for customer support.


Shopify Customer Support Apps Tidio
“My page gets a lot of views, but the conversion rates aren’t growing.”

If you’re not seeing page traffic reflected in your sales, it could be a number of issues –  maybe the customer wants to know how soon it will ship first, or their spotty Internet connection won’t let them checkout.

And with Tidio’s Shopify chat support app, you can tackle this head-on.

It allows you to view the list of customers visiting your website in real-time, and then start a conversation with them directly.

So if you notice someone visiting a product page, you can chat with them to offer them a discount, recommend a similar product, or learn how else you can help them!

The only downside is that you cannot integrate multiple stores with Tidio to view all your messages together.

Shopify Customer Support Apps Tawk
“We don’t have the budget right now.”

Apps for customer support through Shopify can be pricey, especially if you’re just starting out.

In which case, you’ll be happy to learn about, a Shopify chat support app that’s absolutely free!

This is most suitable for brands who are looking to keep their support services simple.

However, the app doesn’t offer a chatbot. So if you have customers around the globe, they’ll have to wait till your support staff is online again for a response.

If this isn’t suitable, you can hire virtual assistants or live agents by the hour to keep customer support going round the clock.

And for a monthly fee, you can also integrate live chat support with ticketing, video and voice calls, as well as 2-way screen sharing.


Shopify Customer Support Apps Help centre
“Majority of the customer queries we get are the same set of questions over and over.”

This is a common complaint support staff across businesses have.

And while building an FAQ page is the simplest solution, not everyone gets it right.

Questions can get repetitive or might lack a clear flow. Often, brands also fail to update their page with new questions they’ve received.

Ideally, your page should be thorough, easily navigable, well organized, and intuitive. It helps to have a search bar facility too.

All this makes it much easier for customers to find answers to their queries quickly.

HelpCentre’s Shopify customer service app helps you build all this, in under 10 minutes!

Moreover, they offer SEO and multilingual features, and the option to categorise questions into sections.


Shopify Customer Support Apps Freshdesk
“I have multiple stores. I can’t keep switching between dashboards to handle incoming requests. What do I do?”

Handling requests from e-mail, social media, and your website is tough enough, let alone from different stores across dashboards!

Freshdesk simplifies this mammoth task by allowing you to connect multiple stores in one location.

Customer support through Shopify is also made easier with all the order information available on your helpdesk.

However, Freshdesk doesn’t mark tickets separately for different stores. This may cause some confusion if you have different support teams for each store.

Moreover, Freshdesk doesn’t permit live chat. Instead, it integrates with Freshchat, a chatbot app of its own.


“I can’t personalise customer relations if I’m using a chatbot!”

Most customers know when they’re talking to a chatbot.

So they log off, knowing their queries and concerns will likely remain unheard.

This increases bounce rates and does nothing for your conversion rates. And to add to that, you’re paying for a chatbot that doesn’t deliver!

Which is why you need a Level 3 AI chatbot.

And LimeChat has the world’s first one.

How is this different from any other chatbot?

Other platforms use Level 1 and 2 AI, which are only capable of single-step queries, limited by predetermined options fixed by your web team.

By contrast, Level 3 AI replicates the in-store experience with human-like conversational capabilities.

It is able to understand any query and craft a personalised response to help a customer with an unrivalled exactness.

Also, our chatbots don’t require a customer’s input to match a programmed set of queries, or even be grammatically correct.

And the icing on the cake?

Level 3 AI enables chatbots to store customer data. It can then pull it up to answer further queries seamlessly, or even cross-sell other products!

Who would’ve imagined you’d find a part of your marketing team here?

Choosing LimeChat as your go-to for customer support through Shopify will allow you to offer instantaneous, yet present and personalised communication, always.

And that’s not all – LimeChat combines many of the singular advantages mentioned above, all in one dashboard. Book a Demo with us today to learn more!

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