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See a 2X Increase in your eCommerce prepaid orders Using Whatsapp and LimeChat

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 28, 2022

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A guide to COD to Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign by LimeChat

Almost 75% of all online orders in India are COD (Cash-on-Delivery) orders. And one out of every three orders is returned.

Out of 5 D2C brands experience high RTO on cash-on-delivery orders. In fact, on average, 4–6 items need to be sold by D2C merchants to compensate for just 1 returned order.

RTO-related costs are a heavy expense for an Ecommerce brand, especially when current marketing budgets are slashed and ad costs are drastically increasing.

People who choose COD, may have chosen it because they don’t trust your brand yet to part with their money, or have ordered the same products from multiple brands just to see which one gets delivered the fastest and return the rest, or are waiting to see the product live before paying.

To cut down on reverse logistics costs that eat into your revenue and experience up to 35% increase in paid orders, you need to try our COD-to-Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign.

By leveraging LimeChat’s WhatsApp automation, you can easily convert COD orders into prepaid orders by sending Cashfree-enabled payment links to shoppers on WhatsApp.

Why Whatsapp?

Because the open rate is >95% and has >40% response rate, compared to email and SMS! Now, if you’re not new to Whatsapp marketing, this campaign might not be new to you.

However, there are a few reasons why our C2P campaigns stand out, from the rest. Let’s take a look below.

Features of LimeChat’s COD to Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign

COD to Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign

With LimeChat, this Whatsapp campaign is a one-time, quick setup that automatically triggers notifications after the customer places a COD order. Here’s how it works:

  1. On receiving a COD order, the COD-to-Prepaid conversion WhatsApp automation flow is triggered.
  2. The customer receives an automated notification on WhatsApp with a Cashfree payment link, with an option to offer them a discount if they convert their COD order to Prepaid.
  3. If the customer completes the payment, LimeChat creates a new paid order with a new Order ID and updated payment status and cancels the older COD order. This is clearly visible on your store’s dashboard.
  4. The customer is notified via a new order confirmation message on WhatsApp that the COD order is now converted to a new Prepaid order.

What happens if the order is already shipped?

As logistic partners do not allow changing payment mode after an order is shipped, it is important that conversion of COD to Prepaid is allowed only before the order shipment. To ensure this, we disable the payment link once the order gets shipped.

Seamless integration with Cashfree and Razorpay

LimeChat’s hassle-free integration with Cashfree and Razorpay enables D2C brands to send a Cashfree-enabled payment link over WhatsApp, nudging buyers to convert their orders into prepaid orders.

Entice shoppers with discounts

With LimeChat, you can share discount codes and offers to buyers if they convert their COD orders to prepaid, thus increasing paid order volume and reducing the RTO rate. Discounts are easily configured from LimeChat’s DIY flow builder system.

Avoid fraudulent orders by disabling payment link

LimeChat enables you to configure an expiry time, post which the payment link is disabled. This ensures there is no confusion from the courier aggregators’ side, once the order is shipped. And avoids any potential fraud from the link.

Create hyper-personalised campaigns with Flow-Builder

LimeChat’s intuitive flow builder system can help D2C brands create customised campaign flows by setting event triggers, flow filters, and configurations specific to your needs. This feature has been very beneficial to brands in increasing abandoned cart recovery rate as well!

LimeChat – a Full Funnel Whatsapp Marketing Solution

COD to Prepaid Whatsapp Campaign

We at LimeChat can help you run all multiple, automated, 2-way Whatsapp campaigns using the world’s first Level 3 AI Chatbot, that comes closest to providing human-like conversations and support.

Take a look at the full list of campaigns that can help you tackle the rising concerns of D2C and Ecommerce brands-

Campaigns to Reduce CAC

  1. Abandoned cart
  2. Reorder
  3. Cross Sell
  4. Regular promotional campaigns

Campaigns to reduce RTO

  1. COD Confirmation
  2. COD to Prepaid
  3. Non-Delivery Notification

Campaigns to maximise CSAT

  1. Order Confirmation
  2. Order Shipment
  3. Customer Feedback

And more!

Want to learn how quickly we can set this up for you? Book a free demo now.

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