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Here are the 10 Best Shopify stores in India that Every Brand Needs to Check Out

Written by
Team LimeChat
Published on
December 29, 2022

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Have you ever wondered which brands in India use Shopify, and more importantly, use it well? Then you’ll LOVE these 10 Shopify stores in India that we’ve picked!

Maybe you’re thinking about launching a website for your brand on Shopify, or thinking of refreshing the design of an existing store.

The look and feel of a website is integral to your branding and play a crucial role in your customers’ experience every step of the way.

For instance, it can make or break the navigation of your store, leading customers to explore further or drop off quickly.

With so many options to consider, it can be helpful to look at some of the brands whose Shopify store is well made, easy to navigate and offers exceptional Customer Service.

So get ready to take notes as we go over the 10 best Shopify stores in India below.


When you buy in-store, personalised customer experience is a world apart. But online shopping can pale in comparison.

Lakme’s Shopify store addresses this issue head-on.

They’ve added a feature enabling users to virtually ‘try on’ their products from webcams or uploaded images. This is incredibly helpful when picking the perfect shade for yourself.

Other useful features include their wishlist building tab that new and registered users alike can use, as well as their WhatsApp support feature that personalizes the experience further.

Bursting with vibrant colours and shades, their website is also easy to navigate with a clear menu that sticks with you no matter where you navigate to.

It’s no wonder they’re our number one inspiration on our list of best Shopify stores in India!


Loved by many, BoAt made a splash in India with its range of headphones, and their website packs a similar punch.

Set against a black backdrop, their minimal colour scheme sets the tone for their branding, while adding an eye-catching pop of colour that entices you to explore further.

The simplicity in their design also helps them display their products with prominence, making the browsing experience a seamless one for their users.

A bot on their website makes common support functions easy and accessible, too. This ranges from tracking your order and downloading your invoice to finding the nearest service center or raising a complaint.

Bombay Shaving Company

Geared primarily towards men, Bombay Shaving Company hits the target with precision. They’ve kept it simple and classy, making it one of the top Shopify stores in India.

For instance, the use of big, bold banners that run across the page help you quickly identify each of their offerings.

Looking for hair care products? A few scrolls and a quick scan of their page will lead you directly to their top 5 products within that category.

This priority given to the use of images over text helps the brand express a lot more in fewer words.

As a result, navigation is as easy as it gets, and the entire buying experience is quick and effortless.

Heads Up For Tails

This website for furry friends definitely deserves a shout and it’s not just because of how cute all the pictures are!

Navigation is made intuitive with their extensive menu, and what’s most noteworthy is how simple everything is.

Whether you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned pawrent, you’ll never have an issue making head or tail of the site.

The brand has done an excellent job incorporating tips, reviews, and other useful information that can help guide you too.

And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, they have a support link that leads you to their WhatsApp customer chat service right away, making sure help is always at the ready!

This support feature can even increase website conversions by up to 20%! Needless to say, it’s a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

(At LimeChat, we know how to help you leverage this uniquely for your brand so that you see even better results! You can take a look at our conversational marketing chatbot here.)


As one of the most commonly known Shopify websites in India, many people flock to Cyankart for its trendy phone cases, laptop accessories, home decor, apparel, and more.

Most brands would jump at the opportunity to display this staggering wealth of goodies, but Cyankart understands this isn’t what’s best for its users.

It will only lead to overwhelm you.

It’s likely this is why they’ve maintained a minimalist look across the board. Their homepage displays product categories in simple boxes, with bestsellers listed below.

And the best is saved for last. Users are enticed by the Instagram snaps other users have posted, exhibiting all the ways their products can be styled.

With quiet confidence, Cyankart lets their products do the talking for them.

Bella Vita Organic

This brand’s minimalist website doesn’t get in the way of its sunny branding but enhances it.

Bella Vita Organica uses playful colours and motifs of its ingredients to convey the natural goodness its products offer you.

But what makes it stand out on this list of the best Shopify stores in India is its support capabilities.

You can choose to chat, call, WhatsApp, or even video call a support agent!

Personalisation to this degree is commendable. It’s always nice to have a face to a name, especially in times like when you’re fretting over a delayed order.

And since they’re a cosmetics company, you could even use this feature to have someone walk you through the way to use your new product for maximum benefits!


As an educational service, Byju’s keeps it simple with their website’s design.  

The website first highlights the benefits of their classes and demonstrates the value each of their coaching sessions offers students of all ages.

Parents can then select their child’s learning requirements in order to view further details and make a purchase if they wish to.

This cleanly sequenced design takes you through their messaging quickly and efficiently, helping to thoroughly inform you before you can even think about making a purchase.

NoBroker Furniture

Whether it’s furniture or an appliance, NoBroker’s website is a blessing in disguise – especially with their best money-saving deals displayed front and centre!

Their website is intuitive to navigate too, with products categorised by type and even what room they belong in.

The soothing colour palette also provides a homely feel as you browse, and a live chat support agent will make it known to you that they are there to help.

All this gives it the air of an actual in-store experience, which can be quite comforting for any user when making big-ticket purchases for their home.

The Man Company

Much like Bombay Shaving Company, this website also uses images more to express their branding, as well as their wide product range.

However, The Man Company boasts of a livelier interface and more premium design. They also have customer support with extensive functionalities, all on WhatsApp.

This includes tasks like order placement and tracking, getting product details and personalised recommendations, estimating delivery time, and speaking to live agents.

With their customer support available on WhatsApp, you never have to go out of your way to perform tasks like combing through your email for the order ID.

You can even re-order items from the same chat without having to visit the website again!

The Man Company makes sure to simplify your life while saving you time with these unique features.

It is also worth noting that their chat support helped them triple their conversions, as well as achieve 70% automation over time!

And we’re proud to say our bot helped them drive these results. You can check out how LimeChat can help your brand here.

Gifting is a very personal gesture, and takes this very seriously.

Which is why they have one of the largest online catalogues that boasts of gifts for everyone.

Since there’s no way to display everything on one page, the brand opted for a clean, minimal look that tells you about everything they have to offer instead of showing you.

The organized categories of gifts listed in the menu bar shows you a glimpse of your many options, and the homepage itself displays just how unique, personal, and quirky their selection is.

Keeping the design simple prevents clutter, and helps you navigate with ease (and giddy joy!) for that perfect gift.

The secret ingredient to a great Shopify store

The list of Shopify stores in India we listed above all have one thing in common – their design approach and user experience are inherently customer-centric.

They recognize customers prefer simple and pleasant shopping experiences, free of aggressive marketing or complex design.

With minimal branding and ease of navigation, these brands hit that mark.

But there’s another secret ingredient, and only a few of them have perceived its great potential.

Can you guess what it is?

Ding, ding, ding, it’s customer support!

Offering multi-channel Customer Support through one e-commerce help desk even If you scale rapidly is possible through a human-level AI chatbot.

It understands intent, context (past queries and orders), and sentiment and responds like a human. It is the only level of chatbot that can-

  • Help guide customers through the buying journey
  • Motivate higher spending decisions
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Build trust and customer relationships
  • Reduces cart abandonment

Now if you were to optimize your customer service to help users complete their journey with greater efficiency and speed, imagine the kind of results you would see!

LimeChat does exactly that.

Our Level 3 AI chatbot app integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, working to enhance the customer journey and boost all your brand’s metrics – traffic, sales, revenue, you name it!

You can book a demo here to see how we can help YOUR brand and get you listed like this!

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