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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: How to Launch New Products on WhatsApp

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Team LimeChat
Published on
March 6, 2023

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WhatsApp is an exceptional medium for eCommerce brands, and the statistics and figures have repeatedly proven it. The messaging platform is flexible, and there is a wide range of ways companies can use a WhatsApp marketing strategy to reach and engage their customers. 

But it’s not just about sending a message and a discount through WhatsApp broadcasts. Using WhatsApp for promotions needs to be a lot more strategic. 

So we are creating a series on using WhatsApp Business marketing for different ecommerce business goals and objectives. 

Our series is aimed at helping you create and run targeted WhatsApp strategies for your eCommerce business. 

Let’s start with how you can use WhatsApp promotional messages to promote or launch new products! 

Ways to promote new products with a WhatsApp marketing strategy

The WhatsApp Business API unlocks a whole new potential for the messaging platform. While there is no one way of creating a WhatsApp marketing strategy, some methods work better than others.  

Let’s take a look at some of the tactics we have seen working: 

1. Update Your WhatsApp Catalogue

The WhatsApp Business app users can share their goods and services with consumers by building a catalog visible on their business profiles. 

You can add unique titles along with the price and a product description.

A critical component of your WhatsApp Business profile is your WhatsApp catalog. It is one of the finest tools in your brand’s arsenal that can offer buyers a more meaningful purchase experience.

It functions as a digital storefront that displays your goods and services; thus, it must be updated with your most recent offerings. 

When introducing a new product, update your catalog with thorough descriptions and pictures of the new item. This will make it clearer to your audience what your new product is all about and why they should consider it - remember to add good visuals of the product! 

2. Use WhatsApp Stories to Get Noticed

WhatsApp stories are short, limited-time messages that disappear after 24 hours of going out. For eCommerce companies, they are a very effective way to get their WhatsApp promotional messages noticed. 

When launching a new product, use WhatsApp stories to showcase and cleverly highlight the features and benefits of your new product. This can include images, videos, and text highlighting what makes your new product unique and why people should consider checking it out in your catalog. 

Get creative with your WhatsApp marketing strategy - text, links, GIFs, and stickers so that no one misses your story! 

3. Run Click to WhatsApp Ads

Another great tool you will need to use from your WhatsApp marketing strategy is Click to WhatsApp ads. These ads can be run on other platforms, leading buyers to your WhatsApp Business platform. 

Click to WhatsApp ads are a great way to generate leads and promote new products. You can simultaneously reach new audiences and pull them to your WhatsApp Business while being able to run targeted promotions on products that are new additions to your brand. So, zero downsides if you can do it the right way!

You can skillfully craft campaigns to promote your new products alongside enticing deals and discounts using Click to WhatsApp ads.

4. Set Up WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

WhatsApp broadcast messages are messages that are sent simultaneously to a large number of recipients. They're an excellent means of swiftly and effectively reaching larger audiences. Utilising them properly can achieve many things to improve your business efforts.

You can create a WhatsApp broadcast message to inform your audience about introducing a new product. This can include a summary of your new product's features and advantages and a call to action. 

You can even offer tempting good deals and discounts to enhance your product's success further. People are likely to dismiss communications that are too long, so it's crucial to keep them brief and to the point.

5. Automate FAQs Around Products

FAQs are an essential part of any business, which can help brands to relieve the support team from repetitive and common questions. 

Businesses may find it time-consuming to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), but WhatsApp Business automates the process. When new products come from your brand, consumers will have questions about size, fitting, colour, availability, etc.

Create automated FAQs that offer comprehensive details about your new product, including its features, advantages, and other pertinent information before launching it. This will make it easier for your audience to quickly obtain the details they require and decide on your new product.

6. Upsell to Previous Customers

The act of recommending to customers additional goods or services connected to those they have already purchased is known as upselling. Your existing customers offer a great deal of potential when introducing new products. 

When you introduce a new product, think about upselling to your existing customers. Sending them personalised messaging outlining your new offering and how it enhances their prior purchase can accomplish this.

Using segmentation and data from past consumer purchases, reach out to your buyer who has bought products similar to the new product. For example, if a customer had purchased an electric brush in the past, and your new product is a brush with replaceable heads, you can upsell that to the customer with a WhatsApp marketing strategy.  

7. Cross-sell to Customers

Cross-selling is the process of promoting/ offering customers complementary products or services. 

When launching a new product, you can consider cross-selling to your customers. You can do this by displaying your new product and highlighting how it complements other products they may be interested in. You can send them personalised messages or create targeted campaigns.

See what buyers went for before and if the new product is in sync with their preferences and interests, use targeted WhatsApp promotional messages as broadcasts to promote the product.

8. Set Up a Re-Engagement Campaign

Your inactive customers have a vast potential that is lost if you are not doing anything to hook them back again. A re-engagement campaign in your WhatsApp marketing strategy is a focused marketing initiative to re-engage these dormant clients. 

Consider creating a re-engagement campaign to reach past consumers and persuade them to try your new product while releasing a new one.

You can do this by sending WhatsApp broadcast messages that share lookbooks, reviews, or other exciting experiences of customers who have bought the new product. This also helps stay on top of their minds! 

9. Take Orders on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business API as a platform offers many features to carry out different aspects of an online business. It can also be used to take orders as well. And you can do this when leveraging the impulse purchase behaviour of consumers.

When using WhatsApp only as a promotional tool, buyers must go to the website to make purchases. This can be a long process, with a high chance of disappointing customers. 

Instead, take orders on WhatsApp, with checkout links and payment options. This will significantly simplify the purchase experience. Hence, having buyers not leave the platform can favour both the customer and the business.

Time to launch new products with this WhatsApp marketing strategy! 

Launching and selling new products to your old and new audiences seems like a huge hassle. This can be true in parts, but the whole process can be simplified and carried out easily if you know the game. 

There aren’t many intricacies when it comes to selling new products. It all simply comes down to how you get them noticed by your audience at the right time and the right moment - and that’s where WhatsApp comes in.  

But to enable such strategies and effectively carry them out, you will need to leverage the features of WhatsApp Business API. And LimeChat can help you do this! 

Ready to set up a WhatsApp marketing strategy that gets more sales on your new products? 

Book a demo of LimeChat today!

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