Wow Skin Science WhatsApp revolution 2x better with LimeChat's GPT-Powered Bot!

For years, WOW Skin Sciences relied on static, click-based WhatsApp bots that left its customers craving more. Predefined bot journeys restricted meaningful interactions. The missing piece of the puzzle? AI-powered technology. With the advent of ChatGPT, WOW Skin Sciences groundbreaking embarked on a quest to elevate conversational experiences.

Navigating the challenges of ChatGPT, where answers are unpredictable, posed a formidable task. WOW skin sciences along with the Limechat team resolved to master this untamed technology, ensuring control, correctness, and a truly interactive user experience.

Today, Aniket along with Gaurav Jain, VP Customer Experience will dig deep into "Before & After" results and how other brands can leverage this:

Automation Jump:
From 72% to an impressive 84%. Notably, for a brand dealing with non-English user queries, automation surged by an astonishing 50%.

Conversion Boost:
Experience a remarkable 25% increase in the conversion rate achieved through the bot.

False Classification Triumph:
We successfully reduced false classifications from a daunting 16% to a mere 2%, guaranteeing an unparalleled customer experience.

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Aniket Bajpai

Aniket Bajpai

Co-founder, LimeChat

Aniket is the Co-founder and Head of Growth at Limechat. He is an eCommerce expert, having worked with 150+ leading brands across the globe to reduce their CAC and boost retention rates.
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