Scaling Brands: How Technology Can Help Your Brand Grow

Fireside chat with Chirag Taneja, Founder and CEO, GoKwik and Nikhil Gupta, Co-founder LimeChat

Technology forms the essence of a lot of things we do, see and experience today. One such thing is online shopping. As more and more people are now becoming inclined towards online shopping, D2C brands are emerging to be incredibly successful.

However, there are multiple issues that still exist in the D2C e-commerce space that needs to be solved to enhance customer experience and help your brand grow. Do you know what can help solve these problems? Yes, Technology.

So, how do we go about using technology to thrive in the D2C space? We have the answer curated just for you.

Join us in this webinar with Chirag Taneja, Founder & CEO, GoKwik to learn how you leverage technology to scale your brand in 2022.

You will learn:

  • Major challenges D2C brands face while integrating technology at scale
  • Effective ways to ensure that brands don’t lose money when customers opt in for COD orders.
  • Top strategies to tackle the problem of RTO in a D2C business
  • Interesting ways in which brands leverage technology to provide the best CX (customer experience)

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Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta

Co-founder, LimeChat

Nikhil Gupta is the co-founder of LimeChat, a one-stop conversational marketing suite for D2C brands. He has a diverse background which brings a unique perspective to solving real-world problems in D2C and using AI to create solutions that can be implemented at scale. His vision is to enable e-commerce companies to create the most compelling user experiences throughout the buying journey on chat. Under him, more than 150 eCommerce brands have been onboarded, and the company has grown 3x month-on-month.
Chirag Taneja

Chirag Taneja

Co-founder & CEO, GoKwik

Chirag Taneja is the Co-founder & CEO of GoKwik, an AI-ML based solution which helps brands with faster checkouts using its suite of smart solutions.
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