How Kapiva Built a Multi-Million Dollar D2C Brand

Fireside chat with Ameve Sharma, Founder, Kapiva and Aniket Bajpai, Co-founder LimeChat

The D2C industry moves very fast. To make a profitable business in this competitive environment you constantly need to experiment and iterate.

Kapiva is one such brand that has grown multifold in the last couple of years by leveraging technology and smart marketing techniques.

Join us in this webinar with Ameve Sharma, Founder, Kapiva to learn how you can grow your brand by delivering awesome experiences and marketing your product effectively.

You will learn:

  • Major problems D2C brands face in today’s era
  • Why brands have to be sensitive about customer needs
  • Why is CAC skyrocketing and how to bring it down
  • What is retention marketing
  • Why conversational commerce is an important aspect of retention
  • What the future holds for E-commerce first companies.

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Aniket Bajpai

Aniket Bajpai

Co-founder, LimeChat

Aniket is the Co-founder and Head of Growth at Limechat. He is an eCommerce expert, having worked with 150+ leading brands across the globe to reduce their CAC and boost retention rates.
Ameve Sharma

Ameve Sharma

Founder, Kapiva

Ameve Sharma is the President of Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan and Co-Founder at Kapiva Ayurveda. Prior to this he was the Consultant at McKinsey & Company. He has studied MBA at INSEAD.
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