From Acquisition to Retention: Decoding D2C Growth

Fireside chat with Hemant Kakkar, VP, The Man Company and Nikhil Gupta, Co-founder LimeChat

According to a report by KPMG, there are over 800 successful D2C brands in India today, with a sector valuation of $44.6 billion (as of 2021) . The D2C ecosystem is constantly evolving and CACs are skyrocketing. To eye profits in today’s era brands need to shift their focus from acquisition to retention.

Join us in this webinar with Hemant Kumar Kakkar, VP, Growth, at The Man Company to learn how you can grow your brand and retain customers in this competitive environment.

You will learn:

  • Major problems D2C brands face in today’s era
  • Why brands have to be sensitive about customer needs
  • Why is CAC skyrocketing and how to bring it down
  • What is retention marketing
  • Why conversational commerce is an important aspect of retention
  • What the future holds for E-commerce first companies.


Nikhil Gupta

Co-founder, LimeChat

Nikhil Gupta is the co-founder of LimeChat, a one-stop conversational marketing suite for D2C brands. He has a diverse background which brings a unique perspective to solving real-world problems in D2C and using AI to create solutions that can be implemented at scale. His vision is to enable e-commerce companies to create the most compelling user experiences throughout the buying journey on chat. Under him, more than 150 eCommerce brands have been onboarded and the company has grown 3x month-on-month.

Hemant Kakkar

VP, Growth, The Man Company

Hemant Kakkar is marketing leader with 14+ years of leadership experience in all aspects of Marketing – Strategic Brand Management, Growth Marketing, Digital, CRM, Loyalty, Content Marketing, Media Planning, Data Driven Growth Hacking, Customer Engagement & Web Analytics tools in Retail, FMCG & eCommerce industry.

An alumnus of Symbiosis, Pune and IIM Bangalore, Hemant has worked with PAYBACK India (American Express) where he was heading Consumer Marketing and Times of India Group in various roles in Marketing, Business Growth & Product Management.

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