Instant Delightful Conversations through Human-Level AI Assistance

Our world’s first Level 3 Conversational AI enables you to talk to your customers throughout their buying journey at the same level as a human assistant. Leverage instant personalised responses at scale to create a solid brand associated with customer delight.

Level 3 AI Powered Smart Recommendations

Limechat’s Level 3 AI Shopping Assistant delivers a store-like buying experience to customers across messaging channels like WhatsApp and Messenger

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What differentiates us?

Conversational AI

Our bots are powered by the World’s first Level 3 AI technology, that is uniquely capable of understanding context, and hence carrying out natural conversations.

Exclusively For
E-commerce brands

Our complete focus on e-commerce use cases has enabled us to make features, integrations and AI models which deliver best-in-class results for D2C brands.

Quick and
Hassle-Free Setup

Signup to deployment takes less than a week. Our dedicated customer success team tailors the bot specifically to your brand to ensure the best results for you.

Ready to double your eCommerce sales?

Key Differences between Level 2 vs Level 3 Chatbots

Level 3 AI Chatbots are able to remember user preferences and all past conversations (called context) to understand the user query at a deeper level. It can smartly search through backend databases to provide the perfect response as a human.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Limechat’s guided shopping experience can yield conversion rates as high as 15%
(4x the best website conversion rates)

Best-In-Class AI Tailored for E-Commerce

Limechat’s level 3 AI models tailored for e-commerce can understand the user’s needs in depth, and provide instant solutions. Our integrations across the e-commerce value chain help deliver a seamless buying journey, reducing drop-offs by 30%.

Context-Aware NLU Engine for Human Conversations

Our best-in-class NLU along with our Level 3 AI technology can leverage user preferences and past conversations to understand the context of the user query. Our smart responder determines the perfect information for the user intent, and responds with an easily digestible message

Continuous Learning from Past Mistakes

Our smart improvement technology periodically identifies mistakes, unresolved queries, angry customers, and confusion states. This data is labeled and fed back into the system to train our ML models to avoid these mistakes in the future. These cycles of continuous learn develop our bot into a perfect assistant for your brand.

Present Across All Messaging Channels


Connect with prospects at all stages of their buying journey from consideration to checkout to re-order. Leverage high open rates and reply rates to 3x the returns of your re-marketing campaigns.

Web Chat

Engage your visitors through widget pop-ups before they drop off from your website. Guide them on chat throughout their buying journey to increase website conversions

Facebook Messenger

Interact with your prospects directly on Facebook and Instagram through Click-to-Messenger ads. Reduce CAC and improve RoAS through conversational buying journeys and personalized re-marketing.


Instantly respond to customer queries on their platform of choice without growing your support team. Deliver exceptional experiences consistently to increase CSAT and drive brand loyalty.


Connect to a wider audience with 2B+ monthly active users on WhatsApp. With an avg. response time fewer than 5 mins Whatsapp makes customer engagement much more easier


With 1.3B monthly active users & 20B message exchanges b/w brands and customers, Facebook messages have 3.5x higher open rates than Emails


Personalized messaging can do wonders here with 33% of users belonging to the age bracket 26-34. Millennials today are more connected with brands on Instagram than ever before


Website plugins instantly assist customers before they drop off. With interface control and one-click navigation through buttons, it can make buying journey hassle-free

LimeChat Insights

The Revolution that Made it Possible
to Build Human-Level Chatbots

Why have chatbots never been able to work well in e-commerce? Can the latest advancements in AI help us do better?

How to Scale Your D2C Brand
with Personalised Messaging

How can you leverage messaging channels to boost revenue, differentiate your online brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational Marketing is a novel marketing paradigm that enables you to talk to your users at the marketing stage itself. Traditional marketing produces ads and throws them at a huge volume of users, hoping for something to stick. In contrast to this, conversational marketing interacts with your users to understand their preferences and then shows them an ad personalized to their problem. This is done by connecting ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram to messaging channels like Messenger and WhatsApp through Click-to-Messenger and Click-to-WhatsApp ads. Conversational display ads can also be run on google through Adlingo.

A smart e-commerce chatbot (such as Limechat) can enable you to properly utilize conversational marketing at scale by holding natural conversations with users within an ad, understanding their problems, and showing them an ad perfectly tailored to their concern.

While browsing on an e-commerce website, users organically reach out on chat for different use cases throughout the buying journey (provided there is a chat widget easily visible). Users can ask for product recommendations tailored to their personalized concerns, or ask for reassurances about a product, for eg, its effectiveness or side effects. During the checkout process, users can ask for discounts, coupon codes or free shipping. They might also have questions about shipping time, shipping charges, returns policy or the like. Addressing all user questions immediately and with confidence gives users the required nudge to go ahead and purchase.

You can run special type of marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to make your ads interactive by connecting them to messaging channels. These ads are called click-to-WhatsApp ads and click-to-Messenger ads, where clicking on the ad directly initiates a conversation with your brand on WhatsApp or Messenger. The initial message sent from the user’s side can be completely customized by you while designing the campaign. You can think of these initial messages as the conversational equivalent of landing pages, which can be connected to a bot workflow. When the message gets triggered from the user’s end, the bot starts interacting with the user to understand their personalized problems and provides a tailored recommendation (unlike a website landing page)

Chat Re-marketing campaigns are 2-3x more likely to be opened than email campaigns, since messaging channels command much higher user engagement than email, and do not have sophisticated spam filters. 50% more users end up engaging with your campaign on chat compared to email, by either clicking on CTAs in the email, or by replying to your message (something which rarely ever happens in case of emails). This leads to much higher conversion rates and RoI through chat re-marketing compared to email re-marketing.

E-commerce websites have massive drop-offs due to too much information and decision-making steps. If done right, 5% of all e-commerce website visitors can be engaged through chat before they drop off.

A Level 3 e-commerce bot can leverage its unique ability to hold human-like conversations to understand the user’s concern and guide them throughout the buying journey. It can understand the user’s personalized concerns, recommend the right product for it, resolve all questions about the product, shipping, and returns, and close the sale right there. This kind of engaging store-like experience prevents the user impulse from dying down and can yield conversion rates as high as 15%. In this way, a smart e-commerce bot can optimize the website conversion funnel by converting users that might have otherwise dropped off.

Level 3 e-commerce bots can understand user queries and instantly provide tailored responses. This kind of instant personalized interaction at any time across any channel makes users feel that your brand cares about them and is always there for their needs. Freeing up your customer support agents to attend to high-value conversations makes these customers feel extremely special. Delivering such delightful experiences repeatedly helps cement a strong brand image in your customer’s mind, and gradually turns new users into die-hard fans of your brand.

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