Reduce CAC by 30% with Chat Retention Campaigns

Recover abandoned carts, increase repeat sales and automate post-purchase communication on WhatsApp & SMS.
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Engage customers on chat at critical points in their buying journey
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Recover 10% Abandoned Carts with Two-Way Drip Camapigns

Address customer queries during checkout, offer help, and bring back lost customers with WhatsApp Drip campaigns

  • Send out a 3-step WA campaign
  • Human-Like AI to respond to queries
  • Products and Discounts integrated with Shopify

Increase Repeat Sales by 13% with Reorder and Win-Back Campaigns

Send out personalized win-back campaigns to loyal user cohorts on WhatsApp

  • Reorder and Upsell Campaigns
  • Smart Followup Workflows
  • One-click purchase
conversion rate funnel

2x Retention with Smart Customer Segmentation

Send personalized engagement to your customers based on their past buying behavior

  • Personalization by dropoff point
  • Personalized discounts based on brand loyalty
  • Leverage user name and past preferences

Build 1:1 Relationships with Post-Purchase Engagement

Engage your customers on WhatsApp post-purchase to improve transparency and strengthen your brand.

  • Order confirmation and shipping alerts
  • Customer NPS Surveys
  • Product Usage Tips

200+ Brands are leveraging WhatsApp Commerce

200+ Brands are leveraging WhatsApp Commerce

Connect with user's favourite channel

Increase conversion rate with Whatsapp


Highest engagement channel, with >90% open and read rates. Users expect prompt support

Increase conversion rate with Messenger

Facebook Messenger

78% of consumers use FB for product discovery, and expect proactive support on FB pages.

Increase conversion rate on Live Chat

Website Live Chat

75% ecommerce visitors depend on website live chat for support, and expect quick resolutions.

Increase conversion rate on Instagram


83% of impulse shoppers discover products on Instagram, and are willing to buy from DMs.

Double your eCommerce Sales with Limechat

Made for Ecommerce

Conversational AI

Special focus on
Shopify Plus brands

10x Faster Go-live
vs other AI bots

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of acquiring new customers is 5X that of getting existing customers to buy from you.

By automating personalized engagement campaigns on chat apps, you ensure that you remain at the top of your customer’s minds, increasing the opportunities to drive repeat purchases.

80% of consumers expect brands to personalize their communication. Level-3 AI has the capability to learn from previous customer interactions and purchases, allowing you to personalize your communications to a human-like level.

Users check WhatsApp at least 25-27 times a day, making it more likely for them to check your messages. WhatsApp marketing campaigns see a 99% open rate and almost 45% click through rates on cart recovery messages and reminders.

Leading brands have seen 3x conversions for abandoned checkout recovery and win-backs with WhatsApp marketing.

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