2x eCommerce sales through AI-guided buying journeys

Craft delightful buying experiences through World’s first human-level conversational AI. Guide shoppers from product discovery to checkout across channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS.

What differentiates us?

Conversational AI

Our bots are powered by the World’s first Level 3 AI technology, that is uniquely capable of understanding context, and hence carrying out natural conversations.

Exclusively For
E-commerce brands

Our complete focus on e-commerce use cases has enabled us to make features, integrations and AI models which deliver best-in-class results for D2C brands.

Quick and
Hassle-Free Setup

Signup to deployment takes less than a week. Our dedicated customer success team tailors the bot specifically to your brand to ensure the best results for you.

Watch our Level 3 AI in action

Address pre-purchase concerns and complete checkout on chat using AI

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Smart product discovery to minimise decision-making steps

Limechat’s level 3 conversational AI helps discover and understand the user’s concern in depth. Our deep integration with stores like Shopify helps deliver a seamless buying journey, reducing drop-offs by 30%.

Close the buying journey on chat through one-click checkout

Instantly fetch user details, billing, and shipping information through 3rd party integrations to facilitate easy checkout on Messenger and WhatsApp. Avoid manual input of customer information every time they make a purchase to reduce cart abandonment.

Sense user drop-off and recapture lost sales

Limechat helps design re-engagement campaigns tailored to the drop-off stage and sends them across channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS. Use personalized discount coupons, free shipping, or a simple reminder to increase conversion rates by 25%

Address pre-purchase queries to Build Brand Trust

Our best-in-class NLP can understand and instantly resolve customers’ pre-purchase concerns without overwhelming them. Showing social proof in the right way builds trust and reduces drop-offs throughout the conversion funnel.

Connect with user's favourite channel


Connect with prospects at all stages of their buying journey from consideration to checkout to re-order. Leverage high open rates and reply rates to 3x the returns of your re-marketing campaigns.

Web Chat

Engage your visitors through widget pop-ups before they drop off from your website. Guide them on chat throughout their buying journey to increase website conversions

Facebook Messenger

Interact with your prospects directly on Facebook and Instagram through Click-to-Messenger ads. Reduce CAC and improve RoAS through conversational buying journeys and personalized re-marketing.


Instantly respond to customer queries on their platform of choice without growing your support team. Deliver exceptional experiences consistently to increase CSAT and drive brand loyalty.


Connect to a wider audience with 2B+ monthly active users on WhatsApp. With an avg. response time fewer than 5 mins Whatsapp makes customer engagement much more easier


With 1.3B monthly active users & 20B message exchanges b/w brands and customers, Facebook messages have 3.5x higher open rates than Emails


Personalized messaging can do wonders here with 33% of users belonging to the age bracket 26-34. Millennials today are more connected with brands on Instagram than ever before


Website plugins instantly assist customers before they drop off. With interface control and one-click navigation through buttons, it can make buying journey hassle-free

Ready To Double Your Ecommerce Sales?

LimeChat Insights

The Revolution that Made it Possible
to Build Human-Level Chatbots

Why have chatbots never been able to work well in e-commerce? Can the latest advancements in AI help us do better?

How to Scale Your D2C Brand
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How can you leverage messaging channels to boost revenue, differentiate your online brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

While browsing on an e-commerce website, users organically reach out on chat for different use cases throughout the buying journey (provided there is a chat widget easily visible). Users can ask for product recommendations tailored to their personalized concerns, or ask for reassurances about a product, for eg, its effectiveness or side effects. During the checkout process, users can ask for discounts, coupon codes or free shipping. They might also have questions about shipping time, shipping charges, returns policy or the like. Addressing all user questions immediately and with confidence gives users the required nudge to go ahead and purchase.

E-commerce websites have massive drop-offs due to too much information and decision-making steps. If done right, 5% of all e-commerce website visitors can be engaged through chat before they drop off.

A Level 3 e-commerce bot can leverage its unique ability to hold human-like conversations to understand the user’s concern and guide them throughout the buying journey. It can understand the user’s personalized concerns, recommend the right product for it, resolve all questions about the product, shipping, and returns, and close the sale right there. This kind of engaging store-like experience prevents the user impulse from dying down and can yield conversion rates as high as 15%. In this way, a smart e-commerce bot can optimize the website conversion funnel by converting users that might have otherwise dropped off.

On your e-commerce website, the user’s exit intent can be detected and a Messenger or WhatsApp widget can popup with an engaging message, prompting 5% of users to click. These users came to your e-commerce store with an active interest in a product, but were almost lost because of the information overload and user-driven nature of the website.

A Facebook chatbot flips this experience on its head by taking the journey forward one step at a time and providing extensive guidance so that the user never has to drive the journey. At each step, the user has a simple actionable and does not have to think too hard to make progress. Such a seamless experience yields conversion rates as high as 15%, which is 4x that of typical websites.

Moreover, when a conversation starts on Messenger, the customer data is automatically captured, enabling you to easily target the user with personalized messages depending on their drop-off point in the journey

You can run special type of marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to make your ads interactive by connecting them to messaging channels. These ads are called click-to-WhatsApp ads, where clicking on the ad directly initiates a conversation with your brand on WhatsApp. The initial message sent from the user’s side can be completely customized by you while designing the campaign. You can think of these initial messages as the conversational equivalent of landing pages, which can be connected to a bot workflow. When the message gets triggered from the user’s end, the bot starts interacting with the user to understand their personalized problems and provides a tailored recommendation (unlike a website landing page)

Checkout handling requires three functionalities – ability to store the cart, specify shipping address, and process payments. Specialized e-commerce bots can handle cart management and shipping details on chat itself through a separate backend system to manage the user cart as well as collect shipping addresses.

The checkout process on chat mediums can be streamlined even further by integrating with your store databases or one-click checkout systems to automatically fetch user details and shipping addresses. This reduces decision-making steps for your conversational buying journeys, checkout abandonment campaigns, and chat re-marketing campaigns.

Payment, which is the final step, is facilitated by integrating with the relevant portal like Razorpay, Stripe, PayU, etc. and directly taking the user to their payment portal of choice to complete the payment.

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