Increase Conversions by 10% with Guided Shopping Experiences

Guide shoppers from product discovery to checkout on Live Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram

      Watch the magic of Level-3 AI

      Reduce pre-purchase anxiety and increase website conversions
      increase conversion rate with LimeChat
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      Offer Checkout Assistance to Reduce Cart Abandonment by 13%

      Address pre-purchase anxiety with timely engagement to encourage purchase completion.

      • Address coupon and discount queries
      • Provide shipping cost and availability info
      • Transparency about returns & exchange

      Reduce Drop Offs by 30% with Smart Product Discovery

      Understand needs and help visitors discover the best product with minimum steps.

      • Level-3 AI to understand user preferences
      • Personalized recommendations to ease discovery
      • Store-like shopping experience to build confidence
      conversion rate funnel
      conversion rate on Whatsapp

      Turn Social Media into a Major Revenue Channel

      Complete buying journey from product discovery to checkout on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

      • Seamless checkout in chat
      • Linked with customer and order details
      • Billing and Shipping integrated with Shopify

      Recapture 33% Lost Sales with Re-engagement Campaigns

      Bring back lost customers with automated and personalized messages on WhatsApp and Live Chat.

      • Automated product reminders
      • Share social proof
      • Offer Discounts linked with Shopify
      conversion rate

      Omnichannel Approach to Guided Selling

      Increase conversion rate with Whatsapp


      Highest engagement channel, with >90% open and read rates. Users expect prompt support

      Increase conversion rate with Messenger

      Facebook Messenger

      78% of consumers use FB for product discovery, and expect proactive support on FB pages.

      Increase conversion rate on Live Chat

      Website Live Chat

      75% ecommerce visitors depend on website live chat for support, and expect quick resolutions.

      Increase conversion rate on Instagram


      83% of impulse shoppers discover products on Instagram, and are willing to buy from DMs.

      Double your eCommerce Sales with LimeChat

          What makes LimeChat different?

          Conversational AI

          Exclusively built
          for eCommerce

          10x Faster Setup
          vs other AI bots

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Most eCommerce websites see only 2-3% of conversions, losing thousands of dollars spent on driving traffic to the storefront.

          With smart popups, you can engage visitors on chat at the right time, with the right message, reducing drop-offs. Level-3 AI chatbots can provide human-level assistance to visitors, right from helping discover the best products, to answering their queries. This ends up boosting website conversion by 10%.

          For first-time users looking to buy on messaging channels, our chatbot asks for their contact and shipping details, and then takes them directly to the payment page of your website, where the cart and user details are preserved.

          For returning users, our deep Shopify integration is automatically able to fetch their contact and shipping details from your store, skipping 2 steps in the checkout process.

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