Reduce resolution time by 90% through customer support automation

Automate 70% of customer support queries through World’s first human-level conversational AI. Become known for zero wait times and exceptional customer experience that drives higher brand loyalty and retention rates.

What differentiates us?

Conversational AI

Our bots are powered by the World’s first Level 3 AI technology, that is uniquely capable of understanding context, and hence carrying out natural conversations.

Exclusively For
E-commerce brands

Our complete focus on e-commerce use cases has enabled us to make features, integrations and AI models which deliver best-in-class results for D2C brands.

Quick and
Hassle-Free Setup

Signup to deployment takes less than a week. Our dedicated customer success team tailors the bot specifically to your brand to ensure the best results for you.

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Automate 70% of customer support queries through World’s first human-level conversational AI.

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Automated Order Tracking on live chat

Proper handling of order tracking queries helps automate 50% of post-purchase conversations

Limechat’s AI Assistant coupled with backend integration with logistic aggregators and stores lets you better understand the underlying user needs. Our perfectly tailored responses immediately addresses user concerns and deliver much more than just order tracking

Smart agent escalation for high impact conversations

Quickly identify queries that requires human touch and uplift CSAT score

Intelligently identify unresolved queries, angry customers, high impact conversation and connect them to human agent. Limechat allows brands to manage queries through multiple messaging channels such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS through a single dashboard. Our integrations with Shopify and logistics aggregators helps make ecommerce workflows more efficient

Engage with customers through regular Shipping updates

97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process

Send order confirmation, dispatch, delivery notifications throughout the post-purchase journey, on preferred messaging channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. Send product usage tips, collect customer feedback and much more to better understand and retain your customer

Quick and instant customer support drives brand loyalty

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service

Develop user confidence by answering product-specific queries, and never leave your customer unattended. Show product reviews, usage details on live chat and gain user confidence that drives customer loyalty

Trusted by leading brands

Connect with user's favourite channel


Connect with prospects at all stages of their buying journey from consideration to checkout to re-order. Leverage high open rates and reply rates to 3x the returns of your re-marketing campaigns.

Web Chat

Engage your visitors through widget pop-ups before they drop off from your website. Guide them on chat throughout their buying journey to increase website conversions

Facebook Messenger

Interact with your prospects directly on Facebook and Instagram through Click-to-Messenger ads. Reduce CAC and improve RoAS through conversational buying journeys and personalized re-marketing.


Instantly respond to customer queries on their platform of choice without growing your support team. Deliver exceptional experiences consistently to increase CSAT and drive brand loyalty.


Connect to a wider audience with 2B+ monthly active users on WhatsApp. With an avg. response time fewer than 5 mins Whatsapp makes customer engagement much more easier


With 1.3B monthly active users & 20B message exchanges b/w brands and customers, Facebook messages have 3.5x higher open rates than Emails


Personalized messaging can do wonders here with 33% of users belonging to the age bracket 26-34. Millennials today are more connected with brands on Instagram than ever before


Website plugins instantly assist customers before they drop off. With interface control and one-click navigation through buttons, it can make buying journey hassle-free

Automate Queries and Reduce Resolution Time by 90%

LimeChat Insights

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to Build Human-Level Chatbots

Why have chatbots never been able to work well in e-commerce? Can the latest advancements in AI help us do better?

How to Scale Your D2C Brand
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How can you leverage messaging channels to boost revenue, differentiate your online brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Around 80% of customer support queries are repetitive – such as order tracking, product usage FAQs, return and refund queries, etc. Level 3 Conversational AI integrated with store and logistics systems can determine the true intent behind order tracking queries and utilize available info like order date, shipping date, current location, and ETA to address the intent. A smart bot can automatically learn from data, understand frequent product queries and answer them instantly. This delights the user, strengthens the brand and improves retention. A deeply integrated bot can automatically record refund and return queries and sync with the right team in your CRM system. Overall, this can drastically reduce your response time, reduce customer support costs, and free up your agents to give personalized attention to high-value conversations.

Consumers reach out to a brand on messaging channels whenever they have a query in mind. This can be in any part of the user journey from product discovery, to product-specific queries, to shipping and payment queries, to order tracking, to product usage queries to re-order. The need to chat to get assistance and get your query resolved is a pretty core need (and has been largely ignored until now).

In the past 5 years, chatbots have been a great source of frustration for consumers, due to their inability to resolve user queries. Chatbots lacked the capability to understand context, and hence miserably failed for e-commerce use cases. However, consumers only care about getting their queries resolved instantly and satisfactorily, and do not particularly care if they are interacting with a human or bot if they are able to achieve their end. Level 3 AI chatbots have made it possible to carry out such engaging human-like conversations through a bot for the first time in history. Due to this unique ability to understand user concerns and offer personalized solutions, we have found that users are more than happy to interact with smart bots.

Level 3 e-commerce bots can understand user queries and instantly provide tailored responses. This kind of instant personalized interaction at any time across any channel makes users feel that your brand cares about them and is always there for their needs. Freeing up your customer support agents to attend to high-value conversations makes these customers feel extremely special. Delivering such delightful experiences repeatedly helps cement a strong brand image in your customer’s mind, and gradually turns new users into die-hard fans of your brand.

Around 10% of the time, users talk about a long-tail query that the bot has not encountered before. In this case, the bot is able to detect that it is not confident about the user intent, so it apologizes to the user and asks them to rephrase their input or choose from a set of functionalities. If the user says something that the bot cannot understand a second time, it apologizes to the user and hands this conversation to a human agent.

The queries that the bot couldn’t handle get flagged and added into the system periodically. This enables the bot to become smarter over time and drastically reduce its confusion rate.

Yes, we provide a live chat system to handle customer support queries that could not be addressed by the bot. Our live chat system has all the features of a standard customer support system like labels, quick replies, smart assignment, prioritization, analytics etc. In addition to this, we have several e-commerce specific features as well, such as integration with your store’s product database, user’s order history, logistics systems, user profiling, and re-marketing campaigns which help streamline e-commerce specific workflows for your agents without leaving the live chat dashboard.

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