20% Higher ROAS through Level 3 Conversational Marketing

Let your social media ads actually talk to your users and auto-personalize them to your user’s needs. Improve RoAS by taking users from ads directly to messaging channels, where they can experience a smooth and compelling buying journey with human-level AI guidance.

What differentiates us?

Conversational AI

Our bots are powered by the World’s first Level 3 AI technology, that is uniquely capable of understanding context, and hence carrying out natural conversations.

Exclusively For
E-commerce brands

Our complete focus on e-commerce use cases has enabled us to make features, integrations and AI models which deliver best-in-class results for D2C brands.

Quick and
Hassle-Free Setup

Signup to deployment takes less than a week. Our dedicated customer success team tailors the bot specifically to your brand to ensure the best results for you.

Watch our Level 3 AI in action

Limechat’s Virtual Assistant delivers store like buying experience to customers on chat mediums

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Dialogue driven approach to Social Media Marketing

Ads that interact with prospects increase Return on Ad Spend 

Integrate Limechat’s Level 3 AI conversational tool with Click to Messenger ads, Instagram Ads, WhatsApp Messenger & Google Adlingo. Better engage with customers who prefer buying on chat and assist them with buying journey as per their preferences and needs through personalized recommendations

Engage website visitors on chat before they drop off

Instantly resolve pre-purchase queries and reduce drop offs by 20%

Create a personalized buying experience through live AI assistant and convert website visitors when they have the highest buying intent that drives action. Our NLU engine can understand contextual information at a human level that never leaves your potential customer unattended

Converse and Re-engage with Customers at scale

Omnichannel re-engagement campaigns reduces re-marketing CAC

LimeChat’s Level 3 AI retains crucial customer insights and preferences that lead to better personalization and user re-engagement. Design tailor-made product launch campaigns, replenishment campaigns, restock campaigns, etc. that grabs user attention on their most preferred chat mediums

Trusted by leading brands

Connect with user's favourite channel


Connect with prospects at all stages of their buying journey from consideration to checkout to re-order. Leverage high open rates and reply rates to 3x the returns of your re-marketing campaigns.

Web Chat

Engage your visitors through widget pop-ups before they drop off from your website. Guide them on chat throughout their buying journey to increase website conversions

Facebook Messenger

Interact with your prospects directly on Facebook and Instagram through Click-to-Messenger ads. Reduce CAC and improve RoAS through conversational buying journeys and personalized re-marketing.


Instantly respond to customer queries on their platform of choice without growing your support team. Deliver exceptional experiences consistently to increase CSAT and drive brand loyalty.


Connect to a wider audience with 2B+ monthly active users on WhatsApp. With an avg. response time fewer than 5 mins Whatsapp makes customer engagement much more easier


With 1.3B monthly active users & 20B message exchanges b/w brands and customers, Facebook messages have 3.5x higher open rates than Emails


Personalized messaging can do wonders here with 33% of users belonging to the age bracket 26-34. Millennials today are more connected with brands on Instagram than ever before


Website plugins instantly assist customers before they drop off. With interface control and one-click navigation through buttons, it can make buying journey hassle-free

Ready to Boost RoAS by 20%?

LimeChat Insights

The Revolution that Made it Possible
to Build Human-Level Chatbots

Why have chatbots never been able to work well in e-commerce? Can the latest advancements in AI help us do better?

How to Scale Your D2C Brand
with Personalised Messaging

How can you leverage messaging channels to boost revenue, differentiate your online brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversational Marketing is a novel marketing paradigm that enables you to talk to your users at the marketing stage itself. Traditional marketing produces ads and throws them at a huge volume of users, hoping for something to stick. In contrast to this, conversational marketing interacts with your users to understand their preferences and then shows them an ad personalized to their problem. This is done by connecting ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram to messaging channels like Messenger and WhatsApp through Click-to-Messenger and Click-to-WhatsApp ads. Conversational display ads can also be run on google through Adlingo.

A smart e-commerce chatbot (such as Limechat) can enable you to properly utilize conversational marketing at scale by holding natural conversations with users within an ad, understanding their problems, and showing them an ad perfectly tailored to their concern.

48% of all shoppers prefer guided buying experiences online as opposed to the user-driven buying experiences that are currently available on e-commerce websites.

Conversational Marketing has made it possible to identify such people and bring them from ads directly to conversational mediums like FB Messenger and WhatsApp. A smart virtual assistant like Limechat can then engage with the users directly and guide them throughout the buying journey by recommending the right products, addressing all their doubts, and handling their checkout.

Leading global brands who are properly leveraging conversational marketing have been able to derive as much as 30% of their total revenue through chat channels, with a 2x RoAS compared to their e-commerce website. Over the past few years, Limechat has developed an expertise around conversational marketing for e-commerce, and has helped 30+ CPG brands setup chat as a significant revenue channel.

Facebook Messenger ads are special ads that when clicked, bring the user directly to FB Messenger where a conversation gets initiated with the brand. The chat automatically starts with a message tailored to the ad that was clicked. A smart virtual assistant can start conversing with the user and take their buying journey forward.

To start Click-to-Messenger ads, first place a chat widget on your e-commerce website and identify users who are prone to buy after conversing with you. This initial audience can be systematically grown through a series of experiments to identify large audiences of people who prefer chat mediums to e-commerce websites.

Level 3 e-commerce chatbots can engage with users coming onto messaging channels through conversational marketing, and provide a human-level buying experience. This personalized and guided buying journey has a 30-50% higher conversion rate compared to the website conversion rate. Furthermore, they make it possible to identify audiences of consumers who prefer buying through chat, enabling brands to build a conversational marketing channel which parallels their e-commerce revenue. The improved RoAS through conversational marketing campaigns helps improve the digital marketing funnel.

Level 3 AI chatbots on FB Messenger can engage with users coming from the e-commerce website or ads, and ask them personalized questions to understand their preferences. These preferences can be fed into a marketing automation tool to enrich your user data and better segment your users. These additional user preferences can better help you understand the background of the users who end up purchasing from your e-commerce store, which is directly actionable for better targeting.

Furthermore, a human-level smart chatbot can convert some of your visitors into paying customers by providing an end-to-end buying experience on chat. This can help you build a separate audience of users who prefer buying through messaging channels over e-commerce websites. You can build this into a separate segment of users to be targeted through conversational marketing for better RoAS.

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