Smart Conversational Re-marketing to reduce CAC by 30%

Optimize your social media marketing and increase ROAS with World’s first level 3 AI retargeting. Design personalized chat retargeting campaigns across channels like Messenger, Whatsapp & SMS to recover abandoned carts and reduce drop-offs

What differentiates us?

Conversational AI

Our bots are powered by the World’s first Level 3 AI technology, that is uniquely capable of understanding context, and hence carrying out natural conversations.

Exclusively For
E-commerce brands

Our complete focus on e-commerce use cases has enabled us to make features, integrations and AI models which deliver best-in-class results for D2C brands.

Quick and
Hassle-Free Setup

Signup to deployment takes less than a week. Our dedicated customer success team tailors the bot specifically to your brand to ensure the best results for you.

Watch our Level 3 AI in action

Limechat’s Virtual Assistant delivers store like buying experience to customers on chat mediums

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Recover abandoned carts & Increase Checkouts

Messenger and WhatsApp Remarketing enjoy a much lower CAC than Facebook ads and Email Remarketing.

Recapture lost sales through tailor made campaigns on social messaging channels which have higher open rates. Limechat’s human-like conversational AI actively engages with users who respond to the campaign,  answers their queries, and converts them to a sale.

Omni-channel re-marketing Campaigns on chat

Remind your customers to re-order at the perfect time to increase retention

Discover unique user insights on chat and design customised re-marketing campaigns for new product launches, product replenishment and restock campaigns, and much more. Launch, test, and optimise campaign messaging through A/B testing and ensure better conversion rates

Smart customer segmentation for Chat Retargeting Campaigns

Personalised chat re-engagement based on the funnel drop off stage

Limechat’s advanced NLU mechanism helps to identify and target users based upon drop off stages on  their chat buying journey. Re-engage with users at scale on Messenger and WhatsApp through tailored messages like social proofs to discourage cart abandonments, incomplete checkout reminders, personalised discounts and much more.

Post-purchase engagement to delight customers

Converse with your customers on chat and build 1:1 relationship

Assist your customers on their medium of choice as and when required through product usage tips, nurturing journey, regular shipping updates and much more. Build a better brand-customer relationship that stays with your audience and increases brand loyalty

Trusted by leading brands

Connect with user's favourite channel


Connect with prospects at all stages of their buying journey from consideration to checkout to re-order. Leverage high open rates and reply rates to 3x the returns of your re-marketing campaigns.

Web Chat

Engage your visitors through widget pop-ups before they drop off from your website. Guide them on chat throughout their buying journey to increase website conversions

Facebook Messenger

Interact with your prospects directly on Facebook and Instagram through Click-to-Messenger ads. Reduce CAC and improve RoAS through conversational buying journeys and personalized re-marketing.


Instantly respond to customer queries on their platform of choice without growing your support team. Deliver exceptional experiences consistently to increase CSAT and drive brand loyalty.


Connect to a wider audience with 2B+ monthly active users on WhatsApp. With an avg. response time fewer than 5 mins Whatsapp makes customer engagement much more easier


With 1.3B monthly active users & 20B message exchanges b/w brands and customers, Facebook messages have 3.5x higher open rates than Emails


Personalized messaging can do wonders here with 33% of users belonging to the age bracket 26-34. Millennials today are more connected with brands on Instagram than ever before


Website plugins instantly assist customers before they drop off. With interface control and one-click navigation through buttons, it can make buying journey hassle-free

Ready to Save 30% of Your Re-Marketing CAC?

LimeChat Insights

The Revolution that Made it Possible
to Build Human-Level Chatbots

Why have chatbots never been able to work well in e-commerce? Can the latest advancements in AI help us do better?

How to Scale Your D2C Brand
with Personalised Messaging

How can you leverage messaging channels to boost revenue, differentiate your online brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Chat re-marketing is a way to engage your dropped-off visitors or existing customers through their favorite messaging channels like FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS etc. Re-engagement on chat can be done by showing social proof, value, discounts, promotions, or simple reminders.

Re-targeting uses paid ads to target people who have visited your website but not purchased. Re-marketing traditionally used email to nudge existing users to re-order, or convert dropped-off visitors (whose email was captured) into a purchase. Chat Re-marketing involves using popular messaging channels like FB Messenger, WhatsApp etc. for re-marketing campaigns. Chat-Remarketing campaigns can yield 2-3x sales compared to email marketing campaigns.

Existing marketing automation tools support complex campaigns like Facebook re-targeting of dropped-off visitors, abandoned checkout emails, post-purchase nurture journeys, re-order campaigns and the like. This works by 1. capturing events from ads and your e-commerce website, 2. allowing you to set up journeys using these events, and 3. executing these journeys on the relevant channels (FB ads, email, etc.)

The first step in setting up marketing automation is to use Limechat’s integration with marketing tools to use Messenger or WhatsApp for executing journeys (stage 3). Limechat can also capture rich events from your conversational buying flows and send those events to your marketing automation tool (stage 1). Since conversational buying flows enable you to capture much richer events from the user conversation, you can leverage these events to make better re-targeting campaigns (stage 2).

Chat Re-marketing campaigns are 2-3x more likely to be opened than email campaigns, since messaging channels command much higher user engagement than email, and do not have sophisticated spam filters. 50% more users end up engaging with your campaign on chat compared to email, by either clicking on CTAs in the email, or by replying to your message (something which rarely ever happens in case of emails). This leads to much higher conversion rates and RoI through chat re-marketing compared to email re-marketing.

Whenever a sophisticated e-commerce chatbot engages with a user, be it on your website, or messaging channels, or through interactive ads, or re-marketing campaigns, it keeps on gathering useful data about the user’s preferences. This data gets condensed to form rich user profiles. Using these profiles to analyze user behavior on your website, conversational flow, ads etc. gives directly actionable intel for your re-targeting campaigns.

Additionally, chatbot-driven user profiling also helps you identify users that prefer buying through messaging channels over the website. These users can then be targeted through separate conversational marketing campaigns, that bring them from ads directly to their messaging channel of choice.

For new visitors on your website whose phone number gets captured through a popup, you can send out abandoned checkout or re-targeting campaigns on WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS.

For existing customers (all of whom have given their phone number), you can send out post-purchase nurture campaigns, re-order campaigns, offers, win-back campaigns etc.

For new visitors going through a buying journey with you on a messaging channel, you can directly send out personalized re-targeting campaigns based on their stage of drop-off.

Limechat allows you to capture rich events and user preferences from chat, export them to marketing automation tools, make re-targeting campaigns using these events, and execute these campaigns on messaging channels.

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