Automate 70% Customer Support with Level-3 AI

Resolve common customer queries on Live Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

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      Automate 70% Support with Human-Like AI

      Address common queries 10x faster with personalized AI chatbots.

      • 20+ customizable templates
      • Optimized for eCommerce
      • Strong integration with Shopify apps

      Smart Agent Escalation for Timely Conversions

      Proactively identify unresolved queries and unhappy customers, and connect them with human agents

      • Automatic ticket assignment
      • Full chat history to get context
      • Easy access to customer and order data
      customer support automation flow
      Automated shipping updates

      Reduce Returns by 13% with Proactive Order Alerts

      Send order confirmation, dispatch, and delivery notifications to smoothen post-purchase customer experience.

      • Deep Integration with Shopify events
      • Integration with Logistics Aggregators
      • Notify on WhatsApp for maximum transparency

      Boost Retention by 30% and Improve NPS

      Win trust with proactive customer support and drive more positive reviews and repeat buyers

      • Measure NPS and identify happy customers
      • Retention campaigns for loyal customers
      • Remember preferences and user details to ease impulse shopping

      1M+ conversations automated for 150+ leading brands

      1M+ conversations automated for 150+ leading brands

      Omnichannel Customer Support

      Increase conversion rate with Whatsapp


      Highest engagement channel, with >90% open and read rates. Users expect prompt support

      Increase conversion rate with Messenger

      Facebook Messenger

      78% of consumers use FB for product discovery, and expect proactive support on FB pages.

      Increase conversion rate on Live Chat

      Website Live Chat

      75% ecommerce visitors depend on website live chat for support, and expect quick resolutions.

      Increase conversion rate on Instagram


      83% of impulse shoppers discover products on Instagram, and are willing to buy from DMs.

      Double your eCommerce Sales with Limechat

          What makes LimeChat different?

          Conversational AI

          Exclusively built
          for eCommerce

          10x Faster Setup
          vs other AI bots

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Around 80% of customer support queries are repetitive – for example, order status, product usage FAQs, shipping and delivery policies, returns/ exchanges/ refunds, etc. Level-3 AI automates human-like responses to such queries to reduce response time, delight consumers and strengthen brand relations.

          A human-level support chatbot can actually tap into existing information on your storefront to answer customers’ basic questions. When implemented properly, it can resolve customer queries within a minute and be amazing for customer experience. That’s also one less contact for agents to handle. For complex use cases, Limechat also enables easy transfer to a live agent.

          Level-3 AI chatbots are the first generation of chatbots that can understand contextual free-text queries (‘How long before I can see results?’). The ability to understand natural human queries makes the caht experience feel human-like.

          Furthermore, Level-3 AI is able to learn from consumer behavior and past interactions, helping brands personalize their automated conversations at a human-level.

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