About LimeChat

Limechat was started with the aim of bringing the revolution in conversational AI to e-commerce, and enabling brands to provide delightful customer experiences through messaging at scale.

Our path-breaking Level 3 AI technology combined with an exclusive focus on e-commerce has enabled us to go beyond the stereotypical chatbot and deliver unprecedented value to 30+ leading brands in terms of sales and customer support automation.


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Our Investors

The Long Term Vision

When LimeChat started, we had only one goal – To build the most compelling buying experience on chat. One year later, it still remains our primary focus.

We believe that guided buying experiences through conversations are much more natural and user-friendly compared to the unguided experience on the website.  We think that conversational commerce will be a defining feature of this decade, and will eclipse website commerce in the next 5 years itself.

Why We Started?

Limechat’s co-founders – Nikhil and Aniket have a  background of AI research from MIT, CMU and IIT Delhi. When the transformer revolution happened in NLP around 2020 (leading to breakthroughs like GPT-3), they were actively working on NLP and looking for real-world problems to add value. After suffering several horrible customer experiences back-to-back, and seeing the dismal state of chatbot tech, they decided to narrow down on e-commerce customer experiences and launch Limechat.  

Our Team

We have a team of highly motivated individuals passionate
about driving customer success and product innovation.

Nikhil Gupta, LimeChat

Nikhil Gupta

Aniket Bajpai, LimeChat

Aniket Bajpai


Kashish Aggarwal

Lead Graphic Designer

Abhishek Kaushik

Business Development Manager

Prakhar Vats

Customer Success Manager

Kishan Kumar

UI UX Designer

Siddharth Jindal

Bot Product Manager

Yash Agrawal

NLP Engineer

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